The Pharmacy dispenses medications upon receipt of a written prescription from a military or civilian provider. The Pharmacy must follow South Carolina State law with regard to pharmacy practice. If you receive your care from a civilian provider, please come by the Pharmacy and pick up a list of medications stocked at the 20th Medical Group Pharmacy or access our formulary online at We will not be able to fill a prescription for a medication not on our formulary.

New prescriptions from 20 MDG providers and from civilian providers are filled at the main pharmacy. All patients must pull a ticket from the ticket station located in the pharmacy lobby for their prescription to be processed. Your ticket number will be called to the first free pharmacy window in the order it was pulled from the machine. Prescription refills are filled at the Satellite Pharmacy (located in the Base Exchange complex).

The Main Pharmacy at the 20th Medical Group now accepts telephone and fax prescriptions from civilian providers. Additionally, the pharmacy will transfer in prescriptions filled at both civilian and other military pharmacies. The pharmacy can only fill/transfer prescriptions on formulary (located at the above web address). The Main Pharmacy also has drop box for new civilian prescriptions. The drop box is located in the main pharmacy waiting area and will allow a patient seeing a civilian provider to place their prescription(s) in an envelope for pick-up at a later time. Individuals using this service will be required to completely fill out an envelope with the patient's name, patient's date of birth, sponsor's social security number, patient's allergies and a good contact number. Envelopes will be provided by the pharmacy. Prescriptions placed in the drop off box will be available for pick-up a minimum 2 hours later at the main pharmacy's fourth window.

You must present your Identification Card (ID) to the Pharmacy window when dropping off a prescription or picking up medication. Pharmacy staff members will dispense medications when presented with a valid ID card.

Patients may also elect to have their prescriptions filled at either the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP) or a local civilian pharmacy that accepts TRICARE. Unless you are active duty, there will be a co-pay for each prescription filled at these locations. There is no co-pay for active duty members. Keep in mind those medications that are non-formulary at Shaw AFB may be formulary medications at these two pharmacies, and may therefore be available at the lower co-pays.

Prescriptions filled at local civilian pharmacies are limited to a 30-day supply of medication. Most prescriptions filled through the TMOP can be filled up to a 90-day supply of medication if the prescription is written for that quantity. The co-pay for a 90-day supply of medication through the TMOP is the same as a 30-day supply of medication from a local civilian pharmacy.

In order to utilize the TMOP, patients need to register with TMOP. Registration forms can be obtained at the Shaw Pharmacy. They can also be obtained by contacting the TMOP at the following toll-free number: 866-363-8667.

Additional questions about the TMOP can be answered by your pharmacy staff at Shaw, the toll-free number provided above, or through the following website: