Last Update: 7 Sept 2021

Shaw has renewed its Public Health Emergency and is operating in HPCON Bravo. We are currently in an area of HIGH transmission as defined by the CDC. 


  • In areas of substantial or high community transmission, DoD requires all Service members, Federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in an indoor setting in installations and other facilities owned, leased or otherwise controlled by DoD. This includes while working out in the gym. 
  • Service members, Federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors who are not fully vaccinated also need to continue to physically distance consistent with applicable CDC and DoD Force Health Protection guidance.

**Note: A person is “fully vaccinated” two (2) weeks or greater after receipt of the second dosage of Pfizer or Moderna, or two (2) weeks or greater after a single dosage of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. 


(1) when an individual is alone in an office with floor-to-ceiling walls with a closed door
(2) for brief periods of time when eating and drinking while maintaining distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines and instructions from commanders and supervisors
(3) when the mask is required to be lowered briefly for identification or security purposes
(4) when necessary to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability


All beneficiaries age 12 and over can walk into the immunization clinic Monday - Friday from 0800 - 1100 for the vaccine without an appointment. The 20th MDG observes all federal holidays and wing down days. The 20th MDG is also closed the first Thursday of the month for training. 

Active Duty, dependents, and retirees may also receive their COVID-19 vaccine from any civilian vaccination site at no charge. Those who receive their vaccine off base should bring proof of vaccine to the 20th Medical Group immunizations clinic to have their record updated.

For more information on Tricare benefits: https://www.tricare.mil/CoveredServices/IsItCovered/Immunizations

For DOD COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Memo, click here. For AF COVID-19 Vaccine Memo, click here

For DOD travel guidance, visit US Department of Defense website here.

For HPCON Bravo guidance pertaining to Active Duty Wing personnel, please click here.

Commanders, for additional guidance, please click here


Supervisor's Tool Kit

  • FAQ
    How do I know if I have been in "Direct Contact" with the virus?

     If you have had intimate contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (i.e. spouse, close family members etc.) This individual will require a 14 day quarantine.

    How do I know if I have been in "Close Contact" with the virus?

     Close Contact means you have been within six feet of a COVID-19 positive individual WITHOUT a mask for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period. Due to the potential for infection, this individual requires a 14 day quarantine.

    What does "Contact" with the virus mean?

     Someone who was potentially exposed to a COVID-19 positive but was observing social distancing and mask wear guidance. this individual CAN return to work with symptom checking.

    What is Restriction of Movement (ROM)?

     Rom refers to the limitation of personal liberty for the purpose of ensuring health, safety, and welfare. This is predominantly travel driven, testing may or may not be completed based on travel specifics and guidance. This requirement will be further defined when identified on an individual/group basis.

    What does it mean to "Quarantine"?

      Quarantine means the separation of personnel from others as a result of suspected exposure to a communicable disease. This is for 14 days and a negative test DOES NOT remove you from this requirement. Direct Contacts and Close Contacts must stay home (quarantine) and away from others for 14 days after your last contact with that person and monitor your health. You can generally test seven days after last exposure to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, when indicated, but you CANNOT test out of quarantine.

    What does "Isolation" entail?

     Isolation refers to someone who is sick or tested positive for a communicable disease away from others. Minimum of 10 days. Individual diagnosed with COVID-19 must stay home (isolate) for 10 days following first symptoms, have a consecutive 24 hours with no fever without the using of fever-reducing medications, and other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving. those who tested positive, but never had symptoms, may return to work when a minimum of ten days have passes since the positive test.

    Can you explain Asymptomatic vs. Symptomatic?

      Asymptomatic means you have no symptoms even though you have communicable disease and Symptomatic means you have a sign or symptoms of a communicable disease.

    What do I do if I'm feeling sick?

    Before you visit the medical group you must call ahead (803-895-2273, this is the after hours line as well) and notify them of your symptoms. They will be able to provide more guidance on your next steps. Visit the DoD Symptom Checker at https://shaw.mystatus.mil/. Public health's phone number is 803-895-6193. 

    Who is allowed on base?

    There are no restrictions to any of our base access groups at this time. 

    How can I make an appointment with ___ agency?

    Most facilities have the options for appointments to be made online or using the AF Connect app. 

    Is the gym closed?

    The fitness center is currently open. Mask wear is required.

    What is going to happen next?

    Policy changes are being updated constantly. Our community's health and our ability to stay combat ready are our number one priorities. Please follow our website and social media outlets for the latest information. 

    What is defined as the Local Area for the 20th Fighter Wing?

    The local area, as defined for members in the 20th Fighter Wing, is 8 hours (driving the speed limit) from Shaw AFB. This does not include flying, if a member is flying commercial they are not considered local.

    Am I allowed to take Leave?

    You are allowed to take leave within the local area. If you leave the local area, your leave must be approved by your unit commander.

    Can I TDY/PCS?

    Please check mypers for latest information. Click Here.

Facilities/Services Update

Wing Staff Agencies 

Chapel: Worship Services



Chapel: Religious Edu


No Food at Indoor Events    Classes in Edu Center

Chapel: Counseling/Office Hours



Legal Office



CPTS Customer Service


CPTS info below

Force Support Squadron: www.thebestfss.com

CDC / Youth Programs / FCC


Drop-off/Pick-up at entrance   

Temp checks for children and staff

Youth Sports 


Outdoors Only

Edu Center 



Career Advisors


Call First










WAPS, et al Testing



Fitness Center


•0500-2230 M-F, 0900-1700 S/S (No 24hr access available)
•0500-0830 is limited to AD 
•Every 90 minutes the gym will close for 30 mins of sanitation 
•All eligible users 16 years+ (AD Only 0500-0830)
•Max capacity: 80/no more than 90 mins (First come First serve)
•No basketball, racquetball, volleyball
•No Instructor-led classes 
•Masks required at all times
•No saunas
•No parent/child area

Fitness Center Annex


•0500-1830 M-F, 0900-1500 S/S (No 24hr access available)
•0500-0830 is limited to AD 
•Every 90 minutes the gym will close for 30 mins of sanitation 
•All eligible users 16 years+ (AD Only 0500-0830)
•Max capacity: 50/no more than 90 mins (First come First serve)
•No basketball, racquetball, volleyball
• No Instructor-led classes 
•Masks required at all times



•The sport is held outdoors
•Minimal to no shared equipment (sanitized between use)
•The sport is not considered "full contact" and requires minimal physical touching or closeness for short periods of time
•Players must social distance on sidelines--no dugout use
•Practices and games are limited to players, coaches, refs and volunteers, with any spectators bringing their own chairs and practicing social distancing






Call First

Civilian Personnel/NAF


Call First



Appointment Only

Golf Course


Open, 2 people per cart

Bowling Center



Food Services: Rickenbackers, Carolina Skies Club, Afterburner Grill, Tee Top Cafe, Weasel Wagon


•Catering limited to 150 people

•75% capacity with social distancing measures

Woodland Pool


Limited to 100 people

Information, Tickets and Travel office


1 customer at a time








Visitor's Center


Lobby limited to 5 per time


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