Home of the 20th Fighter Wing

Shaw is home to the 20th Fighter Wing, which flies F-16CMs and serves as the host unit. The 20th Fighter Wing operates the 55th, 77th and 79th Fighter Squadrons, and as the host wing, it also retains the responsibility for providing facilities, personnel and material for the base's operation.

20th Operations Group

The 20th Operations Group employs approximately 80 F-16CM fighter aircraft in conventional and anti-radiation suppression of enemy air defenses, strategic attack, counter-air, air interdiction, joint maritime operations and combat search-and-rescue missions.
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--55th Fighter Squadron
--77th Fighter Squadron
--79th Fighter Squadron
--20th Operations Support Squadron

20th Maintenance Group

The 20th Maintenance Group operates the 20th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, the 20th Component Maintenance Squadron, the 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron and the 20th Maintenance Operations Squadron.
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20th Mission Support Group

Shaw Air Force Base is a self-contained town, administered and maintained by the 20th Fighter Wing through the 20th Mission Support Group, supporting more than 5,400 military and civilian employees and 11,000 family members.
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