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  • Blindsided: AF Defender resilient through adversity

    In June of 2017, Bratcher arrived to Air Force Basic Military Training in San Antonio, Texas, ready to begin her military adventure. She had high hopes of becoming a security forces Airman, always having wanted to become a cop so she could help people.

  • Alzheimer’s walk

    Typically, diseases are unforeseen and affect not only the host but their loved ones as well. Alzheimer’s is no different. It is a disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. Treatment can help, but it has yet to be cured.

  • Building bikes, making memories

    An old run-down, rusty bicycle sits abandoned. The neglected piece of metal may have once been a source of cherished memories, perhaps a childhood milestone, a vehicle for adventure or a tool for self-improvement.

  • What it means to serve

    Across the Department of Defense, military members dedicate themselves to protecting the United States and the American way of life through voluntary service.

  • It flies in the family

    An Air Force major walks down the flight line of Canon Air Force Base, New Mexico, making his way toward his F-16CJ Fighting Falcon, aircraft 90830. As he climbs into the cockpit of the jet affectionately known as the Viper, he mentally prepares himself for the mission ahead.

  • Barbers keep Airmen looking sharp

    Barbers provide their services to keep Team Shaw Airmen looking sharp and within Air Force regulations while in uniform as well as their families at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.