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Default Air Force Logo Commitment doesn't complain
“Ethun, can you please unload the dishwasher?”“But Dad, that’s Gavyn’s job!”“I understand that, but I am asking you to do it.”“I already finished my chores and now I have to do his too?”The above is real dialogue between father and son, which occurred one evening in the Hebert household.Now, if you live in the Hebert household, you would know that
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Default Air Force Logo The John Challenge
John changed my life. Who is John? He is the most courageous man I have ever met.To be honest, I really do not know him well. I only met him for ten minutes; nevertheless, those ten minutes had a profound impact.The day I met John, I was in pain and had not slept for days. I had severe stomach cramps and was in the hospital waiting room
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Default Air Force Logo Strengthening relationships key to success
As a tenant unit commander at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, I’d like to begin by thanking the 20th Fighter Wing’s leadership for offering me the opportunity to “weigh-in” on a topic that I believe is important and to contribute to Team Shaw’s success.
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The 20th Fighter Wing’s new logo was adopted in December 2016 and represents Team Shaw members and the mission at the 20th FW. The new logo is a weasel riding two high-speed anti-radiation missiles, carrying a lightning bolt with the tail flashes of the 55th, 77th, and 79th Fighter Squadrons respectively. The lightning bolt symbolizes electronic warfare, the weasel represents the Wild Weasel mission, and the HARMs are what Team Shaw uses to challenge its enemies. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Airman 1st Class Christopher Maldonado) Stay on target
Years ago, I took a leadership class that covered multiple successful leaders in business. What set them apart was their problem solving skills and being able to get the job done. Most of the lesson was standard leadership and management philosophies that we have all heard or read about; however, the instructor piqued my interest when he started to discuss the leadership lessons in the movie, “Star Wars.”
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Default Air Force Logo Building winning teams through connectivity
Coach Mike Smith, former Atlanta Falcons head coach, wrote a book titled “You Win in the Locker Room First.” It describes how to build a winning team in businesses, sports and life.In chapter five of his book, Smith says that “team beats talent when talent isn’t team.”Two of the best teams I have seen in my life were the 1980 U.S. hockey team and
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Default Air Force Logo Maintaining aircraft control
“Maintain aircraft control, analyze the situation, take the proper actions,” is a mantra that is ingrained into young pilots’ minds while going through the initial phase of pilot training.
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Default Air Force Logo Rapid, Ready Weasels
Gen. Mike Holmes, Air Combat Command commander, stated “every Airman’s job is to control and exploit the air. Whether you’re flying or fixing something, providing intelligence for it, making identification cards, or drawing blood in the hospital, everything you do every day is designed to help us control and exploit the air.”
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Default Air Force Logo WINNING
During a recent Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) mission with the 79th Fighter Squadron Tigers, the flight lead’s overall objective for the mission - written on the top of his briefing boards - was to “Win.” We also see the word Win in our Commander’s Intent when we say that we must Win the Current Fight and be Ready to Win the Next Fight.We
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Default Air Force Logo The front line supervisor: teacher, mentor, leader
As I take time to pause on this Veterans Day to reflect on our nation’s heroes, thoughts of sacrifice, mission dedication and unwavering commitment constantly resonate through me. There are far too many warriors to name, numerous missions to highlight and so many thanks to give; however, there is one group of steely eyed warriors that I must thank
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Default Air Force Logo Rewarding Risk, It’s a Must Do
Why do we not reward unsuccessful risk? Strange question, right? We constantly encourage our Airmen to take risk, tell them it’s ok to fail, to look for new ways to do things, and to challenge the status quo; so why is it strange for us to hear “reward unsuccessful risk-taking?” The current fiscal environment, at best, is unpredictable with yet
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