20th Medical Group

The 20th Medical Group provide ambulatory medical and dental services to the 20th Fighter Wing, Headquarters 9th Air Force and associate units. It is an outpatient clinic with 24-hour ambulance transport service. Direct outpatient care is provided for pediatrics to geriatric clients in an ambulatory setting. Patients represent all eligible beneficiaries: active duty and their family members, retirees and their family members and secretary designees.

The medical group provides the following patient care services: family practice, aeromedical services, pediatric, limited gynecological services, immunization, general and oral surgery, general dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, physical therapy, optometry, Life Skills, substance abuse, family advocacy, radiological, laboratory and pharmacy.

Those services not offered on base are provided through the TRICARE network that includes other military facilities. The medical facilities at Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C., and Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA., meet many referral needs.

The appointment hours for the Family Practice Clinic is 0730-1600 Monday through Friday. These hours allow us to better align our appointment resources with your preferences for access to the clinic. Please call 895-CARE to obtain an appointment in Family Practice. Limited care is also available to other beneficiaries on a space available basis.

There are no emergency services here at Shaw AFB. If you believe there is a threat to your life, limb, or eye, go to the nearest emergency room for evaluation and treatment. Be sure to contact your Primary Care Manager (PCM) within 24 hours after the visit to ensure maximum coverage. If you are unsure about whether or not you have an emergency, contact your PCM or the Health Care Information Line through 895-CARE. These health care professionals can help you determine the best course of action to take.

20th Medical Operations Squadron

The Medical Operations Squadron performs patient care-related activities. Personnel in this squadron collaborate with all members of the 20th Medical Group to perform or arrange for the full scope of patient care services for our beneficiary population. This squadron is divided into four flights: Pediatrics, Family Practice, Medical Services, and Mental Health Flight.

20th Aeromedical-Dental Squadron

The Aeromedical-Dental Squadron supports the operational mission by enhancing the medical and dental health of its people, ensuring a fit force, preventing disease and injury, protecting the environment and anticipating medical contingencies. This squadron is divided into seven flights: Flight Medicine, Dental, Health Promotion, Public Health, Readiness, Bioenvironmental Engineering and Aerospace Physiology Training.

20th Medical Support Squadron

The Medical Support Squadron provides diagnostic and therapeutic services, financial and manpower support, managed care services, medical logistics, medical information services and personnel and administrative services in support of the entire medical group. The squadron is comprised of six flights: Commander’s Support Staff, Medical Information Services, Managed Care, Financial Services, Medical Logistics and Diagnostics and Therapeutics.