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  • Gold Star Mothers honor legacy of their sons

    With heavy hearts and strong spirits, two American Gold Star mothers, from the South Carolina chapter, mustered the courage to tour Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., as tribute to their fallen sons, April 22.
  • From raceway to runway

    Airmen assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing and Air Combat Command F-16 Viper Demonstration Team hosted Conor Daly, Air Force Honda race car driver, and Townsend Bell, sports commentator and professional race car driver, April 15-16.
  • Team Shaw throws EGGstravaganza

    The 20th Force Support Squadron hosted an ‘EGGstravaganza’ event at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, April 13.
  • Back on track with your kayak

    The 20th Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation Center provides Airmen with the opportunity to network and enhance morale through various outdoor activities.
  • Shaw shells out to Sumter

    With a swift motion a shooter’s shotgun barrel faced the sky, they load five shells, pump the shotgun and lift it to their shoulder shouting, “pull” as the range manager pushes a button to release a clay ‘bird’; the shooter breathes in slowly and squeezes the trigger.
  • Day in the life: 20th CES fire department

    When a home bursts into flames, breathing becomes more difficult and chances of escape dwindle as the fire roars. With a gray haze overflowing the house, the air begins to turn more toxic and heat intensifies, all hope seems lost.
  • Ground Medics train for combat

    With a critical care mission spanning the globe, 20th Medical Group Airmen are tasked to support patients domestically and in deployed locations, making it vital to maximize their survivability.
  • Shaw, community gather for flightline 5K

    Strengthening relationships with local communities is one of the many factors of mission success for many Air Force installations. To show support for the community, the 20th Force Support Squadron Fitness Center hosted a 5K flightline run, April 6.
  • Green Knights Chapter 58 protect each other like family

    With wind in their faces and steel under their boots the Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club Chapter 58, flies down the road with matching green shirts and leather cuts on their backs, all turning in sync, with their skin covered to protect from the wind.
  • Victim advocates are here for you

    Flashbacks of a living nightmare haunt an Airman in the middle of the night. The face of the person who defiled them is burned into their mind. This Airman is not alone. When an Airman is assaulted, representatives of the Air Force’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocacy program are available to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Team Shaw’s 17 victim advocates know all too well the hurt people go through after an assault and spread the word about the SAPR program every way they can.