Ambulance Services

The 20th Medical Group does not have an emergency department, urgent care or acute care services. For all emergencies (off or on-base), call 911.

Our ambulance transports patients directly to the emergency room at Palmetto Health Tuomey. For emergencies occurring in the civilian community, the Sumter County Emergency Services will only transport patients to the Palmetto Health Tuomey Emergency Room.

The hospital and physician's bills for active-duty members and their dependents should be brought to the TRICARE Service Center as soon as you receive them. Make sure you speak with your Family Health Provider prior to (when the situation permits), or within 24 hours, if you go to an emergency department or seek urgent care outside of the military treatment facility. Routine care outside the MTF obtained without a prior approved referral is generally not a covered (reimbursable) benefit and the member may be subject to point-of-service charges.