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Shaw Air Force Base career assistance advisors: Senior Master Sgt. Eloise N. Ballew and Master Sgt. Jermaine S. Smith
The career assistance advisor position was created in an effort to increase retention rates. CAAs provide supervisors with the necessary tools to conduct career counseling with their first and second-term enlisted members. We are a resource for the commander, first sergeant, and most importantly, immediate supervisors.
If you have any questions regarding assignment benefits, commissioning programs, retraining, or special duties, call the Total Force Service Center at 1-800-525-0102 or DSN 665-0102, or visit our website here.

Combat Stress in OIF/OEF VETS 
Dorn VA Researchers are conducting a study of new treatments**for OIF/OEF vets who have problems with stress, anxiety, disturbed sleep, nightmares, etc.

The 5-week study is simple and involves no drugs. Participation will include psychiatric interviews and questionnaires. Eligible participants will receive $600 for completing the study.

There are many treatments for combat veterans who have these problems. However, these treatments may not reduce all of the symptoms. Other treatments might help.
For more info contact Shawn Youngstedt, PhD of the WJB Dorn VA Medical Center at 803-777-7296 or stanistr@mailbox.sc.edu.

Vendor's/Contractor's Needing Access to Shaw AFB
- Current Driver License for driver and photo ID for all passengers
- Current Registration
- Current Insurance with Inclusive dates
- Contact Information, Sponsor, and or, Bill of Laden (ie., who is your sponsor, where you're working, for how long?)
- Without the above information you will be sent off base, so you can gather the information together.

Things that are NOT ALLOWED ON BASE:
- Alcohol in opened and closed containers
- Drugs and drug paraphernalia
- Guns, weapons, or ammunition
- Knives more than 4 inch blade length
- If the above mentioned items are found in your vehicle: the driver will be ticketed and will be sent off base to dispose of the item.

Rules and Regulations:
- Seat belts will be worn while in a moving vehicle on Shaw AFB, by everyone in the vehicle. If there are not enough seat belts in the vehicle you will not get on Shaw AFB.
- The use of cell phones and smoking in CVIA is prohibited except in designated tobacco area only.
- Cell phone usage is prohibited for the driver while operating a motor vehicle on Shaw AFB, unless in hands free mode.
- Drivers operating a vehicle, not wearing a seat belt or on cell phone, you will have your driving privileges suspended from driving on base for 30 day and receive a ticket with monetary fines for first offense. Second offence could be up to a year with no driving privileges on Shaw AFB. If passengers do not wear seat belts the driver will be ticketed and their base driving privileges suspended.
- Do not use CVIA gate as an exit, CVIA is considered an entrance gate only. To exit base use any other gate.