20th Mission Support Group

Shaw Air Force Base is a self-contained town, administered and maintained by the 20th Fighter Wing through the Mission Support Group. In addition to supporting more than 5,400 military and civilian employees and 11,000 family members, the 20th MSG is also responsible for thousands of acres of land, including the 24-acre outdoor recreation area located 37 miles northwest on Lake Wateree, and the approximately 12,000-acre Poinsett Electronic Combat Range located about 10 miles southwest of the base.

20th Force Support Squadron 

The 20th Force Support Squadron consists of five flights: Airman and Family Services, Force Development, Sustainment Services, Manpower and Personnel, and Community Services.
The 20th Forces Support Squadron is dedicated to supporting commanders as well as providing essential human services to the community through numerous activities, facilities, and programs. The squadron also provides administrative support to personnel assigned to the wing staff.

Airman and Family Services Flight

The Airman and Family Services Flight is comprised of the Airman and Family Readiness Center, the Child Development Center, and Youth Programs. The Airman and Family Readiness Center programs and services offered include Air Force Aid Society for emergency loans, Information and referral, Family Readiness, Relocation Assistance, Family Life Education, Personal Financial Management, Transition Assistance, Employment Assistance, Volunteer opportunities, New Military Spouse Education and the Discovery Center. The Child Development Center provides a variety of age-appropriate programs for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Family Child Care provides you with alternatives to center-based child care. We offer regular care of children in the home of a licensed provider. Youth Programs include the School Age Program, Youth Recreation, and Youth Sports.

Force Development Flight

The Force Development Flight is responsible for base education. The Spratt Education Center provides education counseling, CCAF advisement, commissioning opportunities, tuition assistance, GI Bill, CLEP/DANTES examinations, and testing. The McElveen Library features a state-of-the-art computer lab and reference area, an expanded children's collection and children's reading area, a quiet reading lounge, as well as a general collection and reference collection. Professional Education includes the Airman Leadership School, First Term Airmen's School, and a Career Assistance Advisor.

Sustainment Services Flight

The Sustainment Services Flight consists of Food Operations, Lodging, the Fitness Center, and the Carolina Skies Club. The CMSgt Emerson E. Williams Dining Facility has a total area of 18,072 square feet to provide our customers a pleasant dining experience. The Afterburner Grill is located next to the Deployment Center on the flight line. The Carolina Pines Inn provides 65 transient visiting quarters and 39 lodging quarters for families. The Fitness Center offers traditional sports center amenities such as racquetball and basketball courts and weight and cardio training rooms, as well as fitness classes, intramural and extramural sports. The Carolina Skies Club services include dining room enlisted lounge, officers bar, party rooms, ballroom catering, dinner specials, check cashing, entertainment and bingo.

Community Services Flight

The Community Services Flight includes Outdoor Recreation--Skeet and Trap, Base Pools, and the Fam Camp--the Wateree Recreation Area; Shaw Lanes Bowling Center; Carolina Lakes Golf; the Arts and Crafts Center; the Auto Hobby Shop; the Community Center; Information, Tickets, and Travel; and the Veterinary Clinic.

Manpower and Personnel Flight

The Manpower and Personnel Flight contains Civilian Personnel, NAF Personnel, Manpower and Organization, and Military Personnel. Civilian Personnel provides assistance on the full range of human resource management functions to commanders, key managers and supervisors. Non Appropriated Fund Personnel hires and supports the personnel working in the Force Support Squadron. The Manpower and Organization Office provides manpower management services and evaluations, management advisory services, wartime manpower support and organizational excellence education. The Military Personnel Flight provides a full range of personnel services to active duty, reservists and dependents, to include: relocations, promotions, retraining, separations, retirements, passport actions, identification cards and casualty services.

20th Civil Engineer Squadron

The 20th Civil Engineer Squadron consists of 402 military and civilian personnel in 19 Air Force Specialty Codes divided among 6 flights to provide 24/7 services to 16,000 acres of land, 2 runways and approximately 1,000 facilities at Shaw Air Force Base, Poinsett Electronic Combat Range and Wateree Recreation Area to support the missions of 20th Fighter Wing F-16C aircraft, 9th Air Force, Air Forces Central and Army Central Commands and various tenant unit organizations. The Squadron is responsible for emergency preparation and response activities to save lives and mitigate property damage; operations, sustainment and repair of facilities and infrastructure; and real property asset and portfolio management, engineering design and construction execution and oversight, unaccompanied and family housing management, environmental quality and compliance, and community planning and land use services. Additionally, personnel may deploy for worldwide contingency operations to include air base recovery, mission beddown, sustainment and operations, and joint service support. For more information, please contact DSN 312-965-9562, commercial (803) 895-9562, 20CES.CCQ@us.af.mil or UDG_20CES.CC_Commander@us.af.mil.

20th Communications Squadron

The 20th Communications Squadron provides network services, telephone systems, information management, and airfield/weather systems support to Shaw Air Force Base units. Its two flights plan, manage, operate and maintain a wide variety of communications equipment and computer systems supporting command and control, flying operations and daily administrative business activities for Headquarters United States Air Forces Central, 9th Air Force, 20th Fighter Wing, and Shaw tenant organizations.

20th Security Forces Squadron

The 20th Security Forces Squadron protects and defends Shaw Air Force Base personnel and resources through the application of weapons systems security; police services; combat arms; military working dogs; air base defense; and antiterrorism operations 24 hours a day/seven days a week. The unit encompasses three installation entry points, a Visitor Control Center, law enforcement patrols, flight line security, an investigative branch, Combat Arms Training and the Expeditionary Combat Skills Training center. Members of the unit conduct law enforcement and community policing functions throughout the base and the Shaw Military Family Housing community. This includes enforcing all speed limits and rules of the road. The Pass and Registration office, located in the Support Center building, issues all school passes, vehicle decals and flight line badges. The Combat Arms Flight administers all weapons training to wing personnel and the armory handles the storage of personally owned weapons. Any Challenge. Anytime. Anywhere. ... Shaw Defenders are ready!

20th Logistics Readiness Squadron

The 20th Logistics Readiness Squadron provides integrated logistics planning, supply, and transportation support to the 20th Fighter Wing, 9th Air Force, USAFCENT, and tenant units. The squadron consists of over 350 military and civilian personnel orchestrating the deployment, employment, and redeployment of 88 F-16CJ aircraft, support personnel, and equipment.

20th Contracting Squadron

The 20th Contracting Squadron is comprised of approximately 41 personnel -- enlisted, officer and civilian. Annually, they purchase $168 million worth of construction, services and supplies to support the missions of the 20th Fighter Wing and Headquarters 9th Air Force at Shaw Air Force Base, as well as the United States Central Command Air Forces in Southwest Asia. They also manage the government purchase card and quality assurance programs. Military personnel are highly trained contingency contracting officers ready to deploy on a moment's notice and conduct contract operations in any peacetime or combat operation.