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20th Maintenance Group

20th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

The 20th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron is responsible for flightline maintenance of approximately 79 F-16C Fighting Falcons. It prepares aircraft for combat operations worldwide to support Air Combat Command and warfighting commanders' taskings in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility and flag, joint and combined exercises for the suppression and destruction of enemy air defenses. The squadron is also responsible for more than 750 personnel, nearly 16,000 flight hours and over 11,000 sorties annually.

20th Component Maintenance Squadron

The 20th Component Maintenance Squadron supports a combat-ready wing of approximately 79 F-16C Fighting Falcons and equipment. It maintains jet engines; accessory; and avionics components and systems; and a test, measurement and diagnostic equipment laboratory in support of three fighter squadrons.

20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

The 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron focuses efforts of approximately 500 assigned personnel in 15 Air Force Specialty Codes and a $5 million budget to support three combat ready F-16C Fighting Falcon squadrons. It maintains aerospace ground equipment, armament systems and munitions for worldwide deployment. The 20 EMS performs aircraft phase inspections, corrosion control, engine oil analysis, nondestructive inspections and munitions storage and accountability, in addition to fabricating parts and tools.

20th Maintenance Operations Squadron

The 20th Maintenance Operations Squadron coordinates flying and maintenance schedules and tracks current status of approximately 79 F-16C Fighting Falcons. It establishes priorities for shared resources and provides weapons load, maintenance and safety training for more than 2,600 personnel in 35 Air Force Specialty Codes. The 20th MOS evaluates maintenance records, practices and personnel to gauge compliance with directives as well as the overall health of the fleet. The squadron also provides administrative oversight for Total Force Initiative detachments located with the South Carolina Air National Guard at McEntire Joint Guard Base, and the Vermont Air National Guard at the Burlington International Airport.