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Air Force Club upgrade

The upgrade includes new payment options, an app and a chance to win prize money for switching to or signing up for the new system this month.

Air Force Clubs is implementing a new upgrade to its member portal at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., and throughout the Air Force, Aug. 1. The upgrade includes new payment options, an app and a chance to win prize money for switching to or signing up for the new system this month. (Courtesy graphic)

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -- Air Force Clubs began utilizing a new member portal upgrade across the Air Force, Aug. 1.

At Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, members of Air Force Clubs are transitioning to a new way of paying for their membership fees by allowing every member to use a credit or checking account and a card of their preference.

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Derrick Rhems, 20th Force Support Squadron marketing director. “It gives club members an opportunity to not only connect with local clubs directly but also manage their method of payment. Members are no longer required to have a club Chase credit card and can manage their membership entirely online at www.memberplanet.com.”

With the new payment method in place, the Air Force Clubs credit card has been eliminated, making payments easier for old and new members alike. All membership payments are now due on the 15th of each month rather than everyone having different due dates.

“The initial log-in affords most members the best opportunity to update their dues payment method,” said Johnathan Boyd, chief of Air Force Services Activity’s non-appropriated food and beverage operations. “Because the current Air Force Club credit card is being deactivated, it’s important to have new payment methods added to the member portal. Members can put in their selected card and start earning points or other rewards associated with that card.”

Air Force Clubs also created and put in use the Memberplanet app as part of the new system, giving members more freedom to manage their membership anytime, anywhere.

“I think the app is simple and easy to use for those who are technically savvy,” said Rhems. “Members can easily access their information no matter where they are. They’ve got a virtual card, so they don’t need to worry about carrying a card. It’s already on their phone through the app.”

All members who sign up for, or changeover to the new system in August will automatically be entered in a drawing for a chance to win $10,000. Air Force Clubs are also giving away 70 free lifetime memberships and $1,000 to one member per base at more than 70 bases in celebration of the Air Force’s 70th birthday.

“Who’s not going to be excited about a chance to win $10,000?” said Rhems. “In addition, one could get a free lifetime membership as well as $1,000 in cash. Through the prizes, we are emphasizing the importance of membership and connecting with the Carolina Skies Club (and Conference Center).”

Rhems went on to say he believes the new system is absolutely more helpful and useful than before. In the past, members had to wait until they received the magazine in the mail to find out what was happening at the club; with the app, members can receive real-time updates on events, specials and programs that are available.

Members are also able to update, connect or renew their membership by going to www.20thfss.com.