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Spring, Fall CCAF recipients recognized

Team Shaw leaders recognized Community College of the Air Force degree recipients during a ceremony at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, Nov. 9.

Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) graduates recite the Air Force song during a CCAF graduation at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, Nov. 9, 2017. A total of 289 Airmen from Shaw graduated the Spring and Fall semester. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Christopher Maldonado)

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -- Congratulations to the 289 Spring and Fall CCAF degree recipients for the.


Staff Sgt. Colin Abear, 51st Intelligence Squadron
Senior Airman Michael Alvaranga, U.S. Air Forces Central Command
Tech. Sgt. Michael Ambriz, 20th Security Forces Squadron
Staff Sgt. Melissa Arevalo, 51st IS
Senior Airman Erica Astle, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Erin Barrow, 31st IS
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Baston, 367th Fighter Squadron
Staff Sgt. Sarahjo Bateman, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Ryan Benedict, 20th Component Maintenance Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Daniel Bisel, 20th Communications Squadron
Senior Airman Matthew Bologna, 31st IS
Master Sgt. Joshua Boswell, AFCENT
Staff Sgt. Jessyca Boyd, 20th Fighter Wing
Staff Sgt. Victor Boyd, 20th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Staff Sgt. Marlon Bradley, 337th Recruiting Squadron
Senior Airman Christopher Brown, 20th Civil Engineering Squadron
Staff Sgt. Liela Brown, 3rd IS
Master Sgt. William Byrd, 20th Force Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Elliott Cain, 377th FS
Staff Sgt. Lance Carey , 31st IS
Senior Airman April Cassidy, 51st IS
Staff Sgt. Christian Chavez, 609th Air Operations Center
Airman 1st Class Andrew Chilcoat, 20th Operations Support Squadron
Senior Airman Merrick Choate, 31st IS
Master Sgt. David Coleman, 20th Maintenance Group
Senior Airman Jasmine Curran , 51st IS
Tech. Sgt. Michael Danigel, 20th MXG
Tech. Sgt. Erick Davis, 20th OSS
Senior Airman Colin Deverna, 20th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Michael Dichiaro, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Nicole Eubanks, 20th CS
Tech. Sgt. Nickolas Fairhurst, AFCENT
Staff Sgt. Lucas Frye, 5th IS
Senior Airman Brent Gallo, 5th IS
Senior Airman Demetrius Gamble, 20th CES
Tech. Sgt. Adam Gant, 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Garmon, 31st IS
Tech. Sgt. Frederick Geck, 337th RS
Senior Airman Heather Greene , 20th OSS
Master Sgt. James Greer, 20th CMS
Staff Sgt. Trenton Grindstaff, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Roberto Gutierrez, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Erika Harlan, 20th LRS
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Harris, 20th FSS
Tech. Sgt. Danielle Harris, 378th FS
Senior Airman Sarah Havanec, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Ashley Hicks, 337th RS
Staff Sgt. Jonathan Hinesley, 20th LRS
Staff Sgt. Matthew Holguin, 20th Comptroller Squadron
Staff Sgt. Colin Hundt, 20th CES
Tech. Sgt. Cecy Hunter , 20th SFS
Staff Sgt. Kimeyasha Hunter, 337th RS
Senior Airman Jalissa Jackson, 31st IS
Tech. Sgt. Anawati Jaggernath, 367th FS
Senior Airman Davis James, 609th AOC
Senior Airman Kenneth Jimenez, 20th CES
Senior Airman Jerelyn Johnson, 20th Medical Operations Squadron
Staff Sgt. Jordon Jones, 355th FS
Senior Airman Kristofer Kabalan, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Robert Kingsley, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Jeremy Kivi, 355th FS
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Kreider, 20th CMS
Staff Sgt. Jessica Krzewinski, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Kuehner, 20th CPTS
Senior Airman Ryan Labat, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Allison Lacey, 20th MDOS
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Laplante, 20th EMS
Staff Sgt. Alexandra Laplante, 20th EMS
Staff Sgt. Matthew Lockridge, 20th LRS
Staff Sgt. Amanda Ludwig, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Rebekah Mance, l31st IS
Airman 1st Class Robert Marriott, 20th MXG
Staff Sgt. Keith Martincic, 609th Air Communications Squadron
Staff Sgt. Natalie Mason, 20th FSS
Senior Airman Max Mccabe, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Jason Mccarthy, 20th SFS
Tech. Sgt. Frank Mcclane, 20th EMS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Mccoy, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. William Mclendon, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Daniel Middleton, 20th LRS
Master Sgt. Donald Miller, 20th AMXS
Senior Airman Kevin Miller, 20th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Christine Mixon, 337th RS
Senior Airman Diana Moates, 20th CMS
Tech. Sgt. Steven Morris, 337th RS
Staff Sgt. Endie Moss, 20th SFS
Senior Airman Jacob Motsinger, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Tyler Muldowney, 20th CES
Tech. Sgt. Joseph Munis, 355th FS
Senior Airman Joseph Munson, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Adam Napier, 20th LRS
Senior Airman Peter Nguyen, 20th CES
Senior Airman Anthony Nguyen, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Britton Nicholls, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Michael Norton, 28th OWS
Senior Airman Meaghan Novak, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Odom, 14th Weather Squadron
Staff Sgt. Brian Olesky, 31st IS
Senior Airman Derek Oltersdorf, 20th SFS
Airman 1st Class Alan Ortega, 28th Operational Weather Squadron
Master Sgt. Jonathan Pearsall, AFCENT
Staff Sgt. Kimberly Perez, AFCENT
Staff Sgt. Adrielle Pickens, 51st IS
Senior Airman Cameron Quigley, 20th Contracting Squadron
Senior Airman Jonathan Ramos-Figueroa, 367th FS
Senior Airman David Rhee, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Rippy, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Kelly Roen, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Jacob Rosas, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Jarell Rose, 20th CES
Senior Airman Aaron Russell, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Anthony Sampson, 20th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Jesse Santini, 20th FSS
Senior Airman Hannah Scott, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Gina Shearer, 51st IS
Tech. Sgt. Egan Shearer, 51st IS
Tech. Sgt. Nathan Shook, 20th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Garrick Sliney, 337th RS
Senior Airman Geoffery Smith, 20th CS
Tech. Sgt. Shawn Smith, 20th EMS
Tech. Sgt. Kyle Smith, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Jimmy Smith, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Dominique Smith, 20th FSS
Staff Sgt. Staci Smith, 28th OWS
Senior Airman Maria Snyder, 609th AOC
Airman 1st Class Steven Suarez, 20th CMS
Senior Airman Spencer Tompkins, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Christopher Townsend, 31st IS
Tech. Sgt. Laura Tu, 609th ACOMS
Tech. Sgt. Bryan Turner, 609th AOC
Staff Sgt. Christopher Valentine, 31st IS
Senior Airman Reynolds Velayo, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Laura Warner, 20th Medical Support Squadron
Senior Airman Dezerae Webb, 51st IS
Staff Sgt. Scott Wetsel, 20th EMS
Staff Sgt. Marquel White, 20th CMS
Tech. Sgt. Daniel White, 20th FSS
Senior Airman Jared Williams, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Mark Zajac, 20th MXG
Senior Airman Jesse Zogorski, 3rd IS

Spring Pitsenbarger Award Winner:

Tech. Sgt. Daniel White, 20th FSS


Senior Airman Ryan Addington, 355th FS
Master Sgt. Andrea Alford, 337th Recruiting Squadron
Senior Airman Zachary Alvarez, 31st IS
Tech. Sgt. Reinier Arteaga, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Emilee Aschoff, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Krystle Ball, 20th MDSS
Senior Airman Carissa Barrera, 20th CMS
Airman 1st Class Matthew Beard, AFCENT
Senior Airman Joseph Beasley, 20th LRS
Staff Sgt. Kevin Bennett, 609th ACOMS
Staff Sgt. Philip Biggs, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Keith Bivins, 20th CMS
Senior Airman Quincy Booker, AFCENT
Staff Sgt. Vincent Boven, AFCENT
Tech. Sgt. Jessyca Boyd, 20th FW
Staff Sgt. Dominique Brodnax, 355th FS
Staff Sgt. Serah Brown, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Gavin Brubeck, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Parker Bryant, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Devin Buchholz, 20th CES
Staff Sgt. Taylor Burnette, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Benton Burroughs, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Stuart Burrus, 20th LRS
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Caines, 372nd TRS
Airman 1st Class Nigel Calhoun, 367th FS
Staff Sgt. Skott Cameron, 20th CPTS
Staff Sgt. Lisa Campbell, 31st IS
Airman 1st Class Kyle Candelaria, 367th FS
Staff Sgt. Jeremy Carnahan, 20th CES
Staff Sgt. Joseph Carthel,3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Michael Chappell, 20th AMDS
Tech. Sgt. Eric Childress, 20th FSS
Senior Airman Brandon Chittick, 28th OWS
Staff Sgt. Joseph Churchwell, 372nd TRS
Staff Sgt. Anthony Coleman, 20th CES
Master Sgt. Matthew Conlon, 20th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Paul Connell, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Nathanael Cook, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Lisa Creveling, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Diamond Crider, 20th CMS
Staff Sgt. Christine Cyr, 20th MXG
Senior Airman Derek Daley, 20th FSS
Senior Airman Jonathon Davis, 20th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Deetman, 377th FS
Senior Airman James Edwards, 20th OSS
Senior Airman Bonnie Elliott, 31st IS
Senior Airman Fernando Elliott, 31st IS
Senior Airman Jose Estrella-Nieves, 355th FS
Staff Sgt. Noel Feliciano, 367th FS
Senior Airman Nicholas Fletcher, AFCENT
Senior Airman Cameron Fox, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Logan Garey, 372nd TRS
Senior Airman Austin Gibson, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Matthew Gin, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Desiree Gonzalez, 20th SFS
Senior Airman Jesse Grace, 20th OSS
Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Guillot, 5th IS
Staff Sgt. Kameron Guy, 5th IS
Tech. Sgt. Shawn Hodge, 20th EMS
Staff Sgt. Andrew Hoggins, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Jasmine Holiday, 20th MXG
Staff Sgt. Nicolas Hooper, 20th CMS
Tech. Sgt. Damian Horton, 20th MXG
Staff Sgt. Ebonie Hunter, 5th IS
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Ingle, 20th CES
Staff Sgt. Stephan Jackson, AFCENT
Staff Sgt. Trenton Johnson, 14th WS
Staff Sgt. Erica Jones, 20th SFS
Staff Sgt. Kenneth Jones, 609th ACOMS
Staff Sgt. Johnson Kabubei, 20th LRS
Senior Airman Cayce Kaminski, 20th CMS
Staff Sgt. Bene Knowles, 31st IS
Tech. Sgt. Nicole Koether, 609th AOC
Staff Sgt. Austin Lambert, 31st IS
Senior Airman John Landrum, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Edward Leslie, 20th SFS
Senior Airman Andrea Levesque, 28th OWS
Senior Airman Jacob Long, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. James Longboat, 20th LRS
Senior Airman Nicholas Madsen, 20th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Troy Martin, 20th LRS
Senior Airman Victor Martinez, 20th CES
Staff Sgt. David Mates, 20th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Donald Mccann, 609th AOC
Senior Airman Adrian Mccoy, 20th CES
Tech. Sgt. Karl Mcginnis, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Timothy Mcsherry , 31st IS
Senior Airman Eric Miranda, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Ashanti Moore, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. David Mosley, 20th CS
Senior Airman Rachelle Nay, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. George Nolte, AFCENT
Senior Airman Kayla Obst, 31st IS
Senior Airman Trent Olsen, 31st IS
Senior Airman Kirsten Olson, 31st IS
Master Sgt. Greg Otillio, 20th MDOS
Master Sgt. Antran Pack, 20th FW
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Panyard, 355th FS
Staff Sgt. Jameson Pate, 29th MXG
Tech. Sgt. Willie Payne, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Abigail Pippen, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Kyle Porter, 377th FS
Tech. Sgt. Keith Porter, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Cody Price, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Jason Probus, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Daniel Ragsdale, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Kevin Rankins, AFCENT
Senior Airman Rashon Reid, 20th CES
Staff Sgt. Julia Reyna, 20th EMS
Senior Airman Katherine Rhue, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Cassandra Rivera, 3rd IS
Staff Sgt. Roger Roscoe, 20th MXG
Staff Sgt. Travis Rossmiller, 20th EMS
Staff Sgt. Paolo Santos, 20th AMXS
Airman 1st Class Scott Scammerhorn, 3rd IS
Master Sgt. Dustin Schales, 20th OSS
Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Simard, 20th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Janyll Jasmine Smiling, 337th RS
Staff Sgt. Christopher Smith, 609th ACOMS
Senior Airman Rori Sorensen, 20th AMXS
Senior Airman Laura Starnes, 31st IS
Senior Airman Jasamine Stewart, 3rd IS
Tech. Sgt. Tammy Stewart, 337th RS
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Stott, 31st IS
Master Sgt. Jeremy Strivens, 20th AMXS
Tech. Sgt. Marquitta Stubbs, 20th CES
Airman 1st Class Michael Sullivan, 20th CS
Staff Sgt. Victor Terrell, 367th FS
Senior Airman Salih Trice, 20th EMS
Tech. Sgt. Vi Tu, 609th ACOMS
Tech. Sgt. Leigh Valentin, 20th OSS
Master Sgt. Carlos Vazquez, 5th IS
Tech. Sgt. Joseph Wake, AFCENT
Staff Sgt. Dustin Wells, 31st IS
Staff Sgt. Bonita White, 20th OSS
Senior Airman Zackary Wilborn, 20th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Andrew Wilkinson, 20th EMS
Staff Sgt. Kristopher Willms, 20th CMS
Senior Airman Samantha Wilson, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Kenneth Yelton, 20th CMS
Senior Airman Daniel Yi, 20th CS
Senior Airman Dustin Zickefoose, 3rd IS
Senior Airman Brandi Zinnel, 31st IS

Fall Pitsenbarger Award Winner:

Staff Sgt. Jasmine Holiday, 20th MXG