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More working on woodworking

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kaitlyn Brewer
  • 20th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Wood flies in all directions as the blade of a circular saw finds its way evenly between a piece of wood, slicing it in two. An instructor guides a student through the creation of a fence and in another direction award plaques are stacked up high for quarterly awards. This is the 20th Force Support Squadron Woodworking Shop.

“I order the 20th Fighter Wing quarterly and annual awards and they make it so convenient and perfect to what I need every time,” said Senior Airman Sydney Moore, 20th FW Executive assistant. “I really have never had to look any further than the base because anything I need they are able to provide exactly to what the recipients of these awards like and can keep as mementos years down the road.”

Not only has the 20th FSS Woodworking Shop supplied the base with award plaques over the years, but they are now offering the opportunity for people to come in and make their wood-projects come to life.

“I can help people realize what their vision is,” said Mr. Ivan Johnson, 20th FSS Woodworking Shop instructor. “When people can make something themselves, they usually find it very gratifying.”

Woodworking is a way to expand one’s horizons and try something new that is nearby and inexpensive, as well as providing an opportunity to get away from the worries of life and concentrate on creating something from one’s own hands.

“Working with wood is something you can just forget about the rest of the world and concentrate on the object you are trying to build, so it is a great way for people to come in and try something different while also bonding with their coworkers and seeing what they are capable of,” said Johnson.

The cost of ordering or building a project is not profit driven, so it ends up being more cost efficient for base members to utilize the 20th FSS Woodworking Shop.

“Base members are encouraged to come in and get familiarized with the shop and get a safety brief so they can walk in whenever they want, for a service they wouldn’t otherwise be able to find on the outside,” said Paula Rupp, director of 20th FSS Arts and Crafts center.

While it may be meaningful for a military member to receive a special ordered award or going away plaque, there is something to be said for the time and effort it takes to make something with your own hands and be able to give it as a gift to someone.

For information about classes or to special order a project, call the 20th FSS Arts and Crafts center at: 803-895-2726.