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20th FSS renovations give ‘spring cleaning’ new meaning

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kaitlyn Brewer
  • 20th Fighter Wing
SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C.—The 20th Fighter Wing renovated the 20th Force Support Squadron’s Youth Center building as well as the 20th FSS Carolina Skies Club and conference center, allowing for opportunities to support more families and involve a wider audience, respectively.

The Youth Center had been subject to flooding during previous hurricanes and floods in the area, while the club had a kitchen and bar area the 20th FSS had found decidedly lacking in modern trends.

The Youth Center is a facility for the School Age Care Program, Youth Sports Program and the Recreation Program for ages five to 18. The center offers activities such as ping-pong, board games and life classes. Additional activities will be added for different age groups including cooking, job-ready and photography classes. Special events like dances and basketball tournaments are periodically scheduled on Saturday nights.

After having moved to a smaller building, the number of youth participating dwindled from 120 to 60 kids.

“It is a big deal to be re-opening because we have been working from a smaller building on limited operations,” said Deborah MacQueen, 20th FSS youth program director. “Now, we are actually doing it and moving back into our big building again, and I’m excited to see us provide more opportunities for the kids.”

Now, with a new roof, tile, concrete and rerouted drains, their vision and efforts have become reality. The youth program regained all its former customers and will be able to resume regular operations without the restrictions of a smaller building.

While the youth center already had everything to support their mission except the full capacity a larger building could offer, the club was being renovated to attract more customers.

“Through communication with our members and customers, we found out they enjoyed certain modern experiences,” said Derek Rhems, 20th FSS marketing manager. “Naturally, we asked how come we could not offer the same. Through careful research and great partnerships, we found a way to up-fit our facility to meet the ever-changing culinary needs of the Shaw Air Force Base community.”

The club renovations include new multiple bar stations, a new eight-tap per lick system, a video wall, and an eight-head soda fountain. The lobby was re-equipped with more modern furniture and new floorings, while the rest of the building had all the floors cleaned and walls repainted. The new menu is to include an option with a meat/protein plus two sides, such as cornbread and green beans. There will also be pizza, cheese steak, and other such foods to pair with the watch parties showing official sports programs and games.

The club is tentatively set to open June 25.

The purpose of the 20th FSS is to help grow Airmen by providing them with resources which contribute to the whole Airmen concept.

They offer sustainment services such as dining facilities, lodging and fitness centers, as well as education and training through library services. It also provides recreational services such as the golf course, arts and crafts, skeet and trap and a bowling center. Money earned from the various restaurants, lodging, recreational and fundraising events go to hosting bigger volunteer events and fortifying their facilities.

To learn more about the opportunities the 20th FSS offers, either visit or call 803-895-1596.