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CSAF 22 Message to Airmen

  • Published
  • By Gen. Charles Brown, Jr.

To the Men and Women of the Air Force,

It is truly an honor to serve alongside you as the 22nd Air Force Chief of Staff.  I appreciate this opportunity to build upon the solid foundation General Goldfein set to prepare our Airmen to soar boldly into the future.  I deeply appreciate your service, and the sacrifices you and your families make to ensure we serve in the greatest Air Force in the world. 

We must never forget, however, our future success is not pre-ordained.  Our adversaries are watching, and they will continue their efforts to negate our long-standing warfighting advantages.  My focus is to ensure today’s Airmen, and those that follow us, have the capabilities needed to preserve the unique value we provide to our great Nation. 

Our Air Force and our Nation deserve nothing less than our best.  So we must make clear-eyed judgments about our strategic future as an Air Force.  We must be able to adapt and accelerate change to account for the strategic environment we face today and the far more challenging environment we can expect to face tomorrow.  We must train and prepare in order to maintain a decisive advantage across the full spectrum—from competition to conflict. We must be ready when the Nation next calls upon our Airmen to fly, fight, and win. 

No matter the challenges or opportunities that come our way, you can expect me to lead by means of four tenets that have served me throughout my career: Execute at a High Standard, Be Disciplined in Execution, Pay Attention to Details, and Have Fun.

My wife Sharene and I are proud to serve with each and every one of you and look forward to the journey ahead.  We are committed to providing a quality of service and quality of life that enables you and your families to reach their full potential.  While I am humbled by the enormity of what we must achieve to preserve and enhance the Air Force’s unique contributions to our national defense, I have the utmost confidence in our ability to overcome the challenges ahead.  Your dedication and commitment are inspiring.  I look forward to serving alongside you in the world’s most respected Air Force.