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WoW: Airman 1st Class Kevin T. White

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kaitlyn Brewer
  • 20 Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The Weasel of the Week series asks Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, heroes, experts and all-around great Airmen to share their likes, dislikes, Air Force spirit and personalities. We sat down with Airman 1st Class Kevin White, 20th Operations Support Squadron air traffic controller, to get to know him.


Please explain your career field and job. 

Our job is basically ensuring the safety of our pilots and other planes in the air.


How do you affect the wing’s mission capabilities?

We are able to help maintain sorties for more effective combat readiness and training proficiency.


What inspires you to strive and excel at your job?

My wife and son.


What advice do you have for people coming into your career field?

I would tell those coming into or pursuing my career field to not be intimidated by it. There is a huge knowledge standard to adapt to, but it can be done.


What is your proudest moment since you arrived here?

Being able to coordinate airspace for Air Force 1.


How do you define success and how does this definition of success help you succeed in your career field?

To me, success is setting out and accomplishing the goals or mission you have assigned or has been assigned to you. This idea of success allows me to be more successful by aiming to be better every day, with that final goal to achieve my ratings.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Definitely rated in the radar approach control system; maybe commissioned or in the process.


What is one change you wish you could make to the Air Force or your career field?

I would like for the Air Force to have more opportunities to commission to specific career fields.


What is one thing you wish people knew about your job?

We don’t all work in a tower.


What is one thing that is taken for granted about your job?

I think the impact we actually carry with the traffic in the air is taken for granted.


What impact have you made in your career field and at this base?

I do my best to leave a lasting impact on my peers to better their lives and to help with our job. I think in doing so, I’m helping build a stronger community for us on base.