Record MiCare enrollment improves 20th MDG efficiency

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -- Patient and healthcare provider partnerships are key to customer satisfaction when it comes to access to medical care.

This couldn’t have been proven better than with the MiCare initiative here at the 20th Fighter Wing, home of the “SHAWsome” Weasels.

As part of an initiative to enhance patient access to providers, the 20th Medical Group asked patients to transition from a telephone messaging system to a secure electronic messaging system. As patients signed up, many experienced no-later-than next day responses from their providers. Word of mouth spread and MiCare enrollment shot through the roof.

Team Shaw now has the seventh highest MiCare enrollment in the entire Air Force Medical Service and the highest utilization of MiCare in the AFMS.

The MiCare partnership has driven significantly enhanced patient access to appointments.

Demand for face-to-face appointments has dropped as patients’ medical needs were met more efficiently and effectively through MiCare. This freed up more appointments for those patients whose medical needs warranted a face-to-face visit with their providers. Additionally, access to appointments improved to well ahead of AFMS standards.

If you are interested in signing yourself or a family member up for a MiCare account, visit www.relayhealth.com or contact Maj. Candace Lucas at 803 895-6841, or Capt. Menyika McGhee at 803 895-6728.