Electronic prescribing now available at Shaw

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -- Have you ever been prescribed a medication and then looked at the handwritten prescription from the provider or nurse and thought, "I have no idea what this says?"

Sometimes, even our nationally certified technicians and pharmacists have difficulty deciphering them. So what's the next best thing now at the 20th Medical Group Pharmacy? Electronic prescribing.

The pharmacy will be 1 of 179 DoD pharmacies implementing this new service to allow civilian providers to electronically send new prescription requests to the DoD pharmacy of your choice.

E-Prescribing studies show a decrease in medication errors, as well as phone calls from pharmacies to healthcare providers for clarification of any undecipherable handwritten prescriptions.

The process allows civilian healthcare providers to transmit computer-generated prescriptions for only non-controlled prescriptions directly from their offices to Shaw or any participating DoD pharmacy. All Shaw E-Prescribing prescriptions will be sent to the satellite pharmacy located in the Exchange complex using a secure network and replace most handwritten, faxed and verbal prescriptions.

At this time, DoD pharmacies are not certified to receive and process controlled drug prescriptions electronically. Patients must continue to turn in handwritten prescriptions for controlled drugs to the satellite pharmacy for processing and dispensing.

In order to activate electronic prescriptions, patients will need to check in at the satellite pharmacy. First-fill E-Prescribe prescriptions will only stay active in the system for 14 days, after which time the provider must submit a new request. Shaw Pharmacy cannot reactivate an expired electronic prescription.

You will have to activate every new initial electronic prescription. All remaining refills, if any, will follow the same call-in refill guidelines by calling (803)895-6678.

The 20th MDG pharmacy appreciates the opportunity to be your pharmacy of choice. Military treatment facility pharmacies are the most economical point of pharmacy service, costing the least to both the government and patient. Patients filling their prescriptions at Shaw AFB pharmacies do not have to pay a co-pay.

Active duty, retirees and dependents are all eligible to utilize the services, and prescriptions are accepted from both military and civilian providers. For both E-Prescribing and handwritten prescriptions, Shaw Pharmacies will only fill medications listed on the 20th MDG formulary. 

A list of formulary medications can be found on the 20th Fighter Wing Medical Services homepage or on the 20th MDG Facebook page.

For questions or to speak to a pharmacy representative, contact (803)895-6464.