How to control your medical readiness fate

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -- Medical readiness is vital for all members serving in the Armed Forces.

Individual medical readiness is assessed by six key components: preventative health assessment, duty limiting conditions, dental readiness, immunization status, laboratory tests, and medical equipment.

In the past, members were notified of these requirements via e-mail, physically walking into the medical group, or from their supervisor. However, there is a slight problem ... these methods are heavily dependent on others.

Let's face it; no one enjoys receiving nagging e-mails because a medical requirement was not met. We live in a digital age where information is at your fingertips. Computers allow us to pay bills online, check scores, get the news, etc. It only seems logical that people should be able to access information about their medical readiness.

Aeromedical Services Information Management System is your tool to keep tabs on your medical readiness.

This web application allows an individual to view his or her IMR status. ASIMS will list all medical requirements that are current, due and overdue.

Below is the step-by-step process involved in accessing and using this new program:
  1. Log into the Portal or use the this link
  2. From the Portal select the "Home" tab at the top of the page
  3. Select the drop down "Fitness & Health" under Featured Links.
  4. Select the link "Medical Readiness-Deployment Health."
  5. Step 4 will launch ASIMS WEB on a separate window, ensure your pop-up blocker is off. Review the consent form and select OK.
  6. Select the link "My Individual Medical Readiness Status."
  7. View your medical status and if you are yellow or red on a requirement please ensure that you either call (803) 895-6193 or stop by Public Health, Building 1054, to ensure compliance.
Some frequently asked questions include:

Q: Do I need to be logged into a CAC-enabled government computer?
A: Yes, you need to be logged into a CAC-enabled government computer due to privacy issues.

Q: Can I see the people I supervise medical status?
A: Only select members, designated by the commanders, in a squadron can get access to view unit information.

Q: How current is the information?
A. This information is updated at least daily.

Now that you have the key to view your medical status, you are in control of being medically ready for a deployment. This application allows every Airman the opportunity to be completely responsible for his or her deployment capability at any moment. If you have any questions regarding ASIMS WEB or you are unable to log on successfully, please feel free to speak with your unit deployment manager or contact Public Health.