Final Appreciation from Valor 1

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. – -- To the men and women of the 20th Fighter Wing, I first and foremost offer my sincerest congratulations on another highly successful Air Combat Command Capstone Unit Evaluation Inspection. The Higher Headquarters inspection team recently validated what I already knew; that you are a highly effective combat wing because of your hard work and dedication to our important mission, as well as the vital missions of our Team Shaw partners. Thank you for doing your part to provide combat-ready Airpower and Airmen to meet any challenge, anytime and anywhere.

Second, I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you very much - for who you are and all you do in defense of our nation. Despite the challenges and the tremendous pressure to perform, you delivered success time and time again. Specifically, your efforts in executing this year’s F-16 Flying Hour Program safely and effectively in the face of what I know are tough operational tempo and limited resource challenges has been nothing short of phenomenal. Above all else, I charge you to continue moving the 20th FW forward in the smartest, most efficient and professional manner possible - never sacrificing safety, security or stewardship while always working towards strengthening your unit’s combat readiness, compliance, community and core values.

Finally, thank you for embracing the heart and soul of "Airman Up!" by bettering yourselves and strengthening your resilience. "Airman Up!" has become so much more than a bumper sticker, and you have honored me by proving that everywhere I go across the installation. I have no doubt "Airman Up!" is now the Shaw standard. You can keep it alive by simply being ever-mindful that your actions speak louder than words, never stopping short of what you can accomplish, and living tough-minded in the face of adversity.

Again, I am humbled by your service and sacrifice during challenging times, and I will forever be grateful for the honor and privilege of serving in the 20th FW along your side. You are remarkable, and I could not be prouder of you individually, and collectively. Eyes up and forward always to your bright futures, and please keep up the great work as you welcome, embrace, and align with your new wing commander. Thank you!