20FW receives ORI results

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Airmen of the 20th Fighter Wing received exciting news this morning from the Air Combat Command inspector general regarding the recent Operational Readiness Inspection. 

Overall, the wing earned above average marks from the 100-plus inspectors, with many much-better-than-average areas observed. 

"Very well done!" said Brig. Gen. Mark Barrett, ACC IG. "Your professionalism and your hospitality to my team were great." 

The inspection, he commented, is "not the peak," for the 20th FW, but "a stepping stone to maintain combat power." 

The inspector general identified 85 superior performers and seven superior performer teams. He singled out for praise the Airmen who build the munitions for the wing's Lockheed-Martin F-16CJ Fighting Falcons. 

After facing one of the most challenging inspection scenarios to date, while simultaneously battling heat and thunderstorms, Airmen proved their readiness to the team of experts, to the rest of the Air Force and to their country. 

Colonel Patrick Marshall, inspector general team chief, said, "We observed tremendous pride, focus and a sense of urgency." He also noted the "true combat skills" the wing's Airmen displayed.

Moments after the exit briefing ended, Col. Joseph Guastella, 20th FW commander, declared, "The IG has left the building!" and the wing's Airmen burst into an excited roar. 

"I am so proud of the performance and the energy you put forth," he announced. "This was not an easy ORI by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it was tougher than we expected." 

Among the most significant ORI achievements were the generation of 224 sorties in two days, or more than 96 percent of what was tasked. In simulated combat, the wing's pilots achieved near flawless effectiveness in air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, and received an well-above-average rating overall. 

"The intent was to elevate our 'game.' I think you would all agree it did that," Colonel Guastella said. "I'm honored to have been able to work with you great Airmen on this achievement."

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