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Base officials here initiated a local food item recall and are advising residents to throw out any Del Monte ketchup bottles purchased from the Shaw AFB Commissary before today or at the National Guard Armory Commissary "Lot Sale" in Myrtle Beach, S.C. between July 31 and Aug. 2. The Commissary will provide full refunds to patrons returning Del Monte ketchup bottles of any size.

Base officials have indicated some of the bottles may be contaminated, but definitive identification of what caused contamination will take several days to determine. There have been no reports of any illnesses linked to the ketchup bottles sold from either location.

"Our highest priority is the health and safety of all our Airmen, their families and citizens and retirees in the surrounding community," said Lt. Col. Dana Windhorst, 20th Air Medical Squadron commander. "We are taking all appropriate measures by making sure our people are aware and educated about the situation."

Please contact Public Health for questions or health concerns at (803) 895-6193.

For more information, contact Public Affairs at (803) 895-2019 or during non-duty hours, contact the on-call public affairs representative through the Shaw command post at (803) 895-5850.