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  • Saving Incoming Weasels Time: Medical and Finance Join Forces

    Team Shaw cuts down time and helps Airmen integrate faster into the workforce by unifying finance and medical through a new combined in-process for incoming Airmen at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., Nov. 2, 2023.“Typically when somebody gets to a new installation, they don’t know how to transfer their

  • 20th HCOS shows off with Lab Week

    U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Apple Alterado, 20th Healthcare Operations Squadron (HCOS) medical laboratory technician, left, discusses a chart with Airman 1st Class Hannah Trent, 20th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron aerospace medical services technician, during Lab Week at Shaw Air Force

  • ARCENT opens TCCC training to Airmen

    Soldiers at U.S. Army Central opened their annual Tactical Casualty Combat Care training to Team Shaw Airmen Jan. 22, to improve interservice relations and teach life-saving skills from experienced Army Combat Medic Specialists.

  • Air Force Optometry History in 2020: “The Year of Optometry”

    Air Force Optometry came into existence around the same time the Air Force Medical Service stood up on 1 July 1949 and has been caring for the vision of aviators and warfighters ever since. Prior to that, even during World War II, enlisted hospital corpsmen without any formal training were

  • Laboratory: heart of 20th MDG clinic

    Tucked away in a corner of the medical clinic, Airmen donned in white lab coats scrutinize data smaller than the human eye can see – information trapped in vials of blood, cups of urine, swabs of skin and containers of other substances not often mentioned in polite conversation.

  • Physical therapy technicians rehabilitate Weasels

    After an injury, military members have to face potential stressors like what to do about their physical training test, how to accomplish tasks at work without hurting themselves further, as well as how to recover and prevent further injury.

  • The Top 3 Mindset

    Recently I was a panel member when an noncommissioned officer asked me the following question, “What advice do you have on how to accomplish what feels like an increasing number of taskers and requirements being asked of us and my Airmen on a daily basis?”

  • Sizzlin’ summer safety

    As summer approaches and families spend time traveling for beach vacations or barbeques, they also face unique safety concerns.

  • 20th MDG nurses, technicians celebrated

    On the frontline of health care, nurses and technicians are likely to be some of the first faces an individual sees upon entering a medical facility. These trained professionals work to listen to concerns and prepare patients for treatment in addition to striving to provide trusted care.