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  • It flies in the family

    An Air Force major walks down the flight line of Canon Air Force Base, New Mexico, making his way toward his F-16CJ Fighting Falcon, aircraft 90830. As he climbs into the cockpit of the jet affectionately known as the Viper, he mentally prepares himself for the mission ahead.
  • Skymaster relives glory days at Shaw

    Far from the jungles of Vietnam where it served in the war effort from 1969 to 1970, an O-2 Skymaster sits perched above Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.
  • 100 years, all for freedom

    The 79th Fighter Squadron, “Tigers,” is scheduled to celebrate its 100-year anniversary on Feb. 22, at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.
  • Hangar 1200 receives Wild Weasel, 20th FW emblems

    Contractors completed installing emblems on two sides of Hangar 1200 at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, Jan. 11.
  • Airmen celebrate Hispanic cultures

    The Hispanic Organization for Latin Appreciation hosted a Hispanic Heritage Month finale, Oct. 12.
  • Former Wild Weasels visit Shaw

    Approximately 60 veterans visited, June 22 to 25, to celebrate the 52nd Wild Weasel anniversary and reconnect with each other.
  • Weasels reunite

    With the 52nd anniversary of the Wild Weasels quickly approaching, this week’s flashback Friday is all about the Weasel Nation.
  • Honoring fallen every day

    Memorial Day, created in the years following the Civil War and officially declared a national holiday in 1971, is a day of remembrance honoring U.S. military members who paid the ultimate price.