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  • 20th EMS exercises contingency breakout procedures

    SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. — U.S. Air Force 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron (EMS) precision guided munitions (PGM) Airmen exercised contingency breakout procedures on live munitions at Shaw Air Force Base, June 27, 2023.The contingency breakout exercise simulated a rapid response force generation

  • Team Shaw hammers down at Combat Hammer

    Shooters from the 55th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Generation Squadron and Airmen from the 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron participated in exercise Combat Hammer at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Nov. 2–13.

  • Shaw AFCOCOMP team builds more than bombs

    The Shaw Air Force Combat Operations Competition Team is competing for the third consecutive year to showcase enhanced knowledge, hone their crafts and perform their best under the watchful eyes of the judges and potentially have a shot at the Air Force-wide level in the spring.

  • AMMO keeps heartbeat

    While many Team Shaw members are sound asleep, some Airmen must continue to keep the heart of the base beating with 24-hour operations. The 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron is one of many squadrons that work throughout the night.

  • Munitions Airmen support pilot training

    High above their various training grounds, 20th Fighter Wing F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots navigate the skies in simulated battle, deploying munitions, such as inert bombs, and using their M61A1 Vulcan 20 mm rotary cannons to strike targets.

  • Bullet: a real ‘wing’ man

    As the sun rises over the forest canopy at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, the common sound of freedom emanating from the F-16 Fighting Falcons overpowers a more unusual avian cry — the rooster’s crow.

  • 20th EMS Airmen inspect for safety

    U.S. Airmen assigned to the 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron inspect an AIM-9 Sidewinder missile at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., June 27, 2017. The Airmen routinely inspect each munition at the base to ensure it is safe for the individuals around it. They inspected the munition to locate scratches,

  • Inspectors pack munitions

    U.S. Air Force munitions inspectors assigned to the 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron examine munitions to ensure the safety of individuals around them and verify the equipment functions properly. Munitions inspected include 20th Fighter Wing F-16CM Fighting Falcon munitions that are used to