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  • Airmen awarded CCAF degrees

    Congratulations to the approximately 140 Team Shaw Airmen who received their Community College of the Air Force degree.

  • Spratt Education Center professionals school military members

    Participating in passionate research projects, engaging with the newest field information available and eventually crossing a stage to accept a specialized diploma — for many around the world, including military members, college is an aspiration they hope someday to achieve.

  • Enhancing Human Capital course offers lifelong skills, education

    Throughout their lifetime, a person will have unique experiences that set them apart from others. Where they grow up, how they grow up and what life lessons they learn along the way all shape the person into an individual who has various strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own way of seeing

  • Connecting Airmen, resources

    This week’s flashback Friday focuses on connecting Airmen and their family members with occupational and educational resources.