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  • Gamblers double down at Red Flag 20-2

    Viper engines begin to roar, adding to the cacophony of sounds already playing. Airmen circumnavigate the jets quickly to preform final takeoff checks while pilots wait their turn to taxi onto the runway.
  • 20th AMXS reorganizes to increase agility, readiness

    Some things never change, but the 20th Fighter Wing is not one of them. As the Air Force works to bring the future faster and develop innovative new ways to increase the agility and lethality of its people, units and tactics, so does its premier suppression of enemy air defenses wing.
  • Shaw AFCOCOMP team builds more than bombs

    The Shaw Air Force Combat Operations Competition Team is competing for the third consecutive year to showcase enhanced knowledge, hone their crafts and perform their best under the watchful eyes of the judges and potentially have a shot at the Air Force-wide level in the spring.
  • Shaw develops multifunctional Airmen, supports exercise Agile Lion

    When a special operations unit infiltrates and secures an area, there is little room for mistakes. Each individual on the team must be highly motivated, expertly skilled and act as a multifunctional asset to ensure mission success.
  • Return of the jets

    Shaw Air Force Base welcomed home more than 50 F-16 Vipers from Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, Sept. 6, 2019, after evacuating for Hurricane Dorian.
  • It flies in the family

    An Air Force major walks down the flight line of Canon Air Force Base, New Mexico, making his way toward his F-16CJ Fighting Falcon, aircraft 90830. As he climbs into the cockpit of the jet affectionately known as the Viper, he mentally prepares himself for the mission ahead.
  • Gamblers 'Double Down' on combat readiness

    Fresh off a combat deployment to Afghanistan, the 77th Fighter Squadron is not skipping a beat in preparing for the next fight.
  • Team Shaw honors history, renames road

    A cold, windy morning greeted members of Team Shaw and students from Shaw Heights and High Hills elementary schools as they gathered near an intersection in base housing for a road renaming ceremony, March 26.The renaming was held to honor U.S. Army Air Services Major William Saunders, a World War I pilot from Dalzell, South Carolina.Saunders was
  • Hangar 1200 receives Wild Weasel, 20th FW emblems

    Contractors completed installing emblems on two sides of Hangar 1200 at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, Jan. 11.
  • Wild Weasels train for next fight

    As Air Force pilots navigate hostile skies at break-neck speeds overseas, they must rely on their past experiences and home station training to fight opposing forces and survive.