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  • March is National Sleep Awareness Month

    Many Airmen work hard to improve their physical fitness every day — they might go to the gym and lift weights or decide to improve their diet by eating better and cutting back on sugary sweets.

  • Shaw Weasels stay ready with Phase I

    The 20th Fighter Wing stood up a pre-deployment line during a Ready Weasel Phase I exercise at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, Feb. 3, which is scheduled to continue until Feb. 8.

  • Defenders drill to eliminate active shooter

    An Airman wielding an M-16 training rifle creeps behind a cabinet in the 20th Security Forces Squadron building. As beads of sweat drip down his face, a smile breaks out; his target has not noticed his entrance. He steadies his sights on the hostile and utters a sharp “BANG”! The threat is