Mission Statement

 A squadron of professional logisticians with an extraordinary commitment to excellence; providing war-winning customer service and logistical support to the 20th Fighter Wing; pivotal to the wing providing, projecting and sustaining combat-ready Airpower and Airmen to meet any challenge, anytime, anywhere.

LRS Flights/Sections

LGRD - Deployment & Distribution Flight

LGRDA - Small Terminal/Pax Movement
LGRDD - Distribution
LGRF - Fuels management

LGRM - Materiel Management Flight

Asset Management Section
Flight Service Center Section
Customer Support Section
Inspection Section
Physical Inventory Control Section

LGRV - Vehicle Management Flight

What we do

  • Support Agreements
  • Deployment Planning
  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Ground Fuel Support
  • Supply Management
  • Passenger Travel
  • Cargo / Passenger Deployments
  • In/Outbound Cargo
  • Personal Property

Contact Information

Phone Numbers:

Resource Management
(803) 895-9489
Deployment & Distribution Flight Superintendent
(803) 895-8603
Materiel Management Flight Superintendent
(803) 895-4607
Vehicle Management Flight Customer Service Center
(803) 895-9737/9738