Personal & Family Readiness

The personal and family readiness program provides preparation information and on-going education and assistance to individuals, families and leadership. The information, education and assistance efforts are aimed at preparing military members and families to be optimally prepared for all facets of military life.

Car Care Because We Care - An Air Force Aid Society grant program, providing routine auto maintenance at the base service station at no charge.

Give Parents a Break - An AFAS grant program providing child care once a month for parents who need a break from child care responsibilities due to the stress associated with deployments or temporary duty assignments.

Video Phone - Provides face-to-face communication for the military member and their family during remote tours, deployments, and TDYs of 30 days or more.

Morale Calls - Provides the opportunity for family members whose sponsor are TDY, deployed, or on a remote assignment to call the sponsor from home once a week.

Pre-deployment checklists - Provides assistance with deployment preparation for single members, family members, and single parents.

Deployment pamphlets - Provides information on coping with separation and reunion as well as stress management.

Employment Services

The Career Focus Program is an employment resource program. CFP assists individuals and family members with short and long term career goals. It provides information, assistance, and job skill training to enhance the marketability and employability of military spouses, family members, and DoD civilians.

Services include:
Employment listings 
Job referrals for full and part-time employment
Assistance with writing resumes and completing job applications
Career counseling and planning
Information about training and educational planning
Workshops with emphasis on career and personal development
Resource Center with access to personal computers, laser printers, typewriter, internet information on careers, jobs, and the development of job search skills.
Job books with current job vacancies

Transition Services

The DoD Transition Assistance Program is designed to aid military personnel, DoD employees, and family members in a smooth transition to the civilian sector.

The TAP program provides an overview of information that helps members make informed choices about benefits, entitlements, and resources. TAP gives members the opportunity to assess career goals, develop Individual transition plans, and perfect job search related skills.

Some of the services provided during the TAP program include:

Pre-Separation Counseling - This is a mandatory class for anyone separating or retiring from the military. Individuals should sign up for this class, at a minimum 90 days before they are about to retire or separate from the Air Force.

Three-Day Transition Assistance Seminar - This seminar provides information on resume writing, interviewing, networking for a job, researching companies, applying for a contracting job, applying for federal service employment, online resumes, dressing for success, change management, financial management, evaluating a job offer, an employers panel and more.

Veteran's Benefits Briefing - This briefing provides an introduction to the Department of Veterans Affairs, overview of benefits and entitlements and completing your disability claim form.

Individual Transition Plan  - An ITP is personal paper map for transition into civilian life. It can be used as a framework to fulfill realistic career goals based on skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities.

The Shaw transition assistance office can also provide additional employment assistance and resources including individual counseling and assistance, automated tools for preparing documents, and job fair information.

Financial Services Program

The Personal Financial Management Program offers information, education and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial stability and reach their financial goals.

Classes offered included checkbook maintenance, debt management, identification theft, and basic investing.

Commanders, first sergeants and supervisors are encouraged to refer individuals for a one-on-one assessment when they suspect financial problems may exist. Individuals are encouraged to set up an appointment with a staff member to help with any area of financial concern, including basic budgeting, debt management, financial concerns of separation and divorce, consumer protection, saving and investing, or considering a part-time job.

Early intervention in financial problems is imperative. It only takes a short time for a financial problem to grow beyond the scope of any Air Force assistance.

Voting Assistance Program

The Air Force Voting Assistance Program is an ongoing program to assist military personnel, their family members and all other voting age citizens with access to the installation voter assistance office, regardless of MAJCOM or branch of service affiliation, to register and vote either at the polls or by absentee ballot. The mission of the program is to provide assistance for all elections, regardless of when they are held, with special emphasis on the period prior to general elections. The Voting Assistance Office is located in the Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC). This is your one stop shop for all of your voting needs. For further information you can contact Shaw's Voter's Assistance Office at (803) 895-4127 and or visit the FVAP site at

Family Life Education

The Family Life Education program offers a variety of services to assist members and families in their knowledge, skills, and abilities to anticipate and meet the challenges throughout the various stages of the family life cycle. Supporting the readiness mission of Shaw AFB, the FLE also assists in many ways to provide extra support during separations.

Programs and services include:
  • Crisis interviews, assessments, and referrals 
  • Heart Link - spouse's orientation program
  • Remote families
  • Parenting skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Communication skills
  • Dealing with separation stresses
  • Single parenting
  • Strengthening stepfamilies
  • Reunion planning
  • Individual education sessions
Additional base agencies that provide programs and classes:
20th Fighter Wing Chapel: (803) 895-1106/1107
Child development program: (803) 895-2247
Community center: (803) 895-3382
Family child care program: (803) 895-1212
Health and wellness center: (803) 895-1216/1217
Mental health: (803) 895-6199

Air Force Aid Society

The Air Force Aid Society is the official Air Force charity that exists worldwide to provide assistance Airmen and dependents in time of need.

Who does AFAS help?
Active Duty, Air Force Dependents, Retired Air Force and members of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Service on active duty.

What does AFAS do?
Provide assistance in the form of an interest free loan, a grant or a combination of both is available for such things as:
  • Basic living expenses
  • Emergency leave
  • Vehicle repairs for essential transportation
  • Medical or dental expenses not covered by TRICARE
  • Pay or allotment issues
  • Funerals
  • Disasters  
What can't AFAS do?

  • Finance business ventures or make investments
  • Pay for ordinary leave or vacation; pay bills for non essentials; pay for credit card debt including government issued travel card; pay for bad checks, provide bail or pay fines; pay for taxes or legal expenses
  • AFAS does not provide consolidation loans
  • AFAS tries to focus on long term financial solutions and not only provide a financial band-aid.

Contact the A&FRC

524 Stuart Ave
Building 1127

(803) 895-1252
Fax: (803) 895-4748

For emergencies after duty hours, phone the 20th Fighter Wing Command Post at (803) 895-5850.

Contact Information

Army and Air Force Exchange Service (803) 666-3050/3051/3168 

Base Operator/Information
(803) 895-1110

Base Locator
(803) 895-2811

Carolina Skies Club
(803) 666-3651 

Carolina Pines Inn
(803) 895-3803

Child Development Center
(803) 895-2247

(803) 895-1281/2/3, ext. 301

Education Center
(803) 895-1838

Family Childcare Coordinator
(803) 895-1212

Fitness Center
(803) 895-2789 

Housing Office
(803) 895-2421

Preschool Enrichment Program
(803) 895-2247

Recreation Supply and Equipment Rental
(803) 895-0449/0450

Shaw Airmen and Family Readiness Center
(803) 895-1252

20th Force Support Squadron Website



Relocation Services

The Airman and Family Readiness Center strives to increase knowledge and skills needed by military members, DoD civilians and their families to accomplish a successful move.

Relocation Assistance Program - Moving is a way of life in the Air Force and can be a major undertaking. The program staff helps Air Force single and married members as well as DoD civilians and families through all aspects of a move.

Sponsorship Training - Sponsor responsibilities, local resources, and community trends are discussed in the sponsorship class. Training is held each month and is a mandatory requirement. Being a good sponsor starts with the 3 C's - Communication, Concern, and Creativity.

Right Start - Right Start Newcomers orientation is held twice a month for all in-bound personnel. Spouses are encouraged to attend.

One-on-One Relocation Counseling - Discuss all your relocation questions, concerns, and stressors with a qualified relocation specialist.

Childcare for PCS - In- and out-bound Air Force active duty personnel are entitled to 20 hours of free childcare during PCS sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society.

For more information about any these programs, call (803) 895-1252