20th FSS Airmen host Military Personnel Town Hall

SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. -- Airmen from the 20th Force Support Squadron hosted two Military Personnel Town Halls, Aug. 31.

The Airmen provided information to attendees regarding outbound assignments, high year of tenure extensions and enlisted professional military education.

Staff Sgt. Darius Garner, 20th FSS NCO in charge of enlisted/officer promotions, said the town hall was an opportunity to educate Airmen by addressing questions and concerns the MPF receives frequently, especially due to recent HTY and EPME changes.

Staff Sgt. Brittany Taylor, 20th FSS NCOIC of outbound assignments, spoke to guests about the proper timeline to turn in forms regarding assignments and shared the section’s customer service hours.

To aid Airmen with various shifts, the outbound customer service hours have been extended to 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., for “Mission Mondays,” said Taylor.

Tech. Sgt. Jarad Hudgies, 20th FSS NCOIC of reenlistments and extensions, informed Airmen of changes to HTY, or the maximum number of years an Airman can remain in each rank. Effective Aug. 1, the Air Force is offering an extension program designed to keep experienced Airmen in select career fields.

However, commanders have the right to alter or reject extension requests they receive, said Hudgies.

The final topic discussed was EPME requirement changes.

Of the largest changes was Airmen are no longer automatically enrolled into the education courses based off their time in service, said Garner.

The courses are now rank-based, although Airmen may enroll in courses sooner if they desire.

“Now it’s your responsibility to keep up with EPME,” said Garner. “It’s up to you to stay up to date.”

For more information regarding the topics covered during the town hall, Airmen may visit myPers or contact Military Personnel Section customer service at 803-895-1596.