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  • New PT program aimed to help new moms

    After carrying a child for approximately 270 days, the average woman gains 25 to 35 pounds, which can be difficult to lose. Some new moms may find getting back into their pre-baby shape or even making time for a fitness routine challenging.Two Team Shaw Airmen devised the Pregnancy & Post-Partum Fitness Program to assist women who are either
  • Instructors aim to qualify Airmen

    Beads of sweat run down an Airman’s face as they drop an M9 pistol magazine and insert in another, working as quickly as possible in a dimly lit arena. While the sound of gunshots echo off concrete walls, the air hangs heavy around a line of strangers who move in near synchronization — exhale, confirm sights are on target, pull the trigger.
  • Team Shaw celebrates Women’s Equality Day

    Team Shaw members celebrated Women’s Equality Day by passing out informational flyers, candy and other sweets, as well as factoids about women in history, Aug. 24.Declared a national holiday in 1971, Women’s Equality Day is celebrated annually on Aug. 26, commemorating the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, which
  • Reserve Airmen perform wild weasel mission

    Serving in the Air Force Reserves can be a way to pursue jobs and further education, as well as providing reservists the opportunity to serve alongside their active duty counterparts.
  • Salty Weasel prepares EOD Airmen

    The team stepped off the UH-60 Black Hawk under the blazing South Carolina sun. Their gear had been tested, their muscles fatigued, but with grins on their faces the 20th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal teams triumphantly returned to Shaw.
  • ALS Class 18-6 graduates

    Congratulations to all the graduates of Senior Master Sgt. David B. Reid Airman Leadership School Class 18-6!
  • Firefighters keep training current

    Sweat drips down their faces in the 90 degree, humid, South Carolina weather as they carry hundreds of pounds of equipment on their backs while training to save lives. Team Shaw’s 20th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighters perform intensive training in order to stay proficient on procedures and ensure they are physically fit for the job.
  • 51st takes control of PT testing

    The 51st Intelligence Squadron was faced with a problem concerning fitness testing. They were losing man hours, having to reschedule appointments and were not able to support each other during their Air Force Physical Fitness Test.
  • What it means to serve

    Across the Department of Defense, military members dedicate themselves to protecting the United States and the American way of life through voluntary service.
  • Airmen take a leap of faith

    For many people, stepping out of their comfort zone or straying away from their daily routine is something they would prefer not to do. Staying in the comfort of the known, rather than going into the unknown holds people back from doing things that, in the end, could benefit them.