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Default Air Force Logo Maintaining aircraft control
“Maintain aircraft control, analyze the situation, take the proper actions,” is a mantra that is ingrained into young pilots’ minds while going through the initial phase of pilot training.
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Default Air Force Logo How to become a better leader without reading 10 leadership books
We talk a lot about leadership in the Air Force, but what can our young Airmen do on a daily basis to work toward becoming a better leader without having to read a library of leadership books? Consult the Google, of course!
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Default Air Force Logo Knowledge is not enough
Most experienced leaders in the Air Force have gone to the same technical schools, review similar information day-to-day, draw personnel from the same pool of available people, and are limited by similar financial constraints. Wooden writes that it comes down to the ability of the leader to teach what it takes to become a winning organization and knowing how to teach what they want done.
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Default Air Force Logo Record MiCare enrollment improves 20th MDG efficiency
As part of an initiative to enhance patient access to providers, the 20th Medical Group asked patients to transition from a telephone messaging system to a secure electronic messaging system. As patients signed up, many experienced no-later-than next day responses from their providers. Word of mouth spread and MiCare enrollment shot through the roof.
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