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  • Civil engineer recognized for Tyndall aid

    Following the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in early October, service members and their loved one stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, are continuing to recover from the effects. In an effort to assist in a timely and efficient manner, 17 service members assigned to the 20th Civil Engineer Squadron at Shaw AFB, South Carolina, flew to
  • Think Sumter is boring?

    Whether it be traipsing through a colorful state park, tackling white water rafting, peacefully kayaking towards a sunset, or going to sporting events for free, 20th Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation is a great resource for those wanting to expand their horizons. Outdoor Rec. is a way to network, get out of the dorms or house and meet new people.
  • Spiritual Practice of the Month: SELF-REFLECTION

    “If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don’t think it necessarily means you’re a hard worker. It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance,” said Jack Handey, American humorist.
  • We are just like you

    Rigid structure, aircraft and guns. These are some examples of what many people may think of when they hear about the military. Many forget that outside the uniform, military members are regular people, too. Just like everyone else, they have fears, hobbies and family.
  • ‘Don’t worry, be happy’

    There are a variety of occasions in life which can bring to mind the sense we may be a part of something larger and really lead us to take a long hard look at our values, giving us the chance to step back and look at our lives from a different perspective.
  • 20th FW yearly close-out

    The numerous units and Airmen assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing close-out the new year with countless achievements and memories to propel them into the new year.The mission would have been hindered without the support of the 20th Mission Support Group, 20th Medical Group, 20th Maintenance Group, 20th Operations Group and the squadrons below
  • Dirty hands, ripped gloves: 20th LRS VMF

    On-call 24 hours a day seven days a week, the 20th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance flight is ready for emergency repairs at a moment’s notice. With dirty hands and ripped gloves, a normal for day-to-day operations, the VMF makes sure the 20th Fighter Wing has every vehicle it needs to accomplish the mission.
  • Arbor Day at Shaw AFB

    In celebration and appreciation for nature, Lt. Col. Brian Strickland, 20th Civil Engineer Squadron commander, proclaimed Team Shaw’s Arbor Day to be Dec. 7, 2018.During an Arbor Day ceremony, held at the lake behind the Palmetto Chapel, Dec. 7, Team Shaw members and the South Carolina Forestry Commission planted a tree and a proclamation was
  • PMEL putting in work

    Many career fields within maintenance focus on a specific piece of equipment or machinery, but for the 20th Component Maintenance Squadron precision measurement equipment laboratory this is not the case.
  • Shaw DFAC receives innovative equipment

    The 20th Force Support Squadron Emerson E. Williams Dining Facility received a new cooking center, Dec. 4.