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  • Armament flight: Enhances falcon lethality

    Parked across the flight line at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, numerous F-16CM Fighting Falcons wait for a call to action.
  • Barbers keep Airmen looking sharp

    Barbers provide their services to keep Team Shaw Airmen looking sharp and within Air Force regulations while in uniform as well as their families at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.
  • AFOSI seeking enlisted Airmen

    The Air Force Office of Special Investigations recruiting team visited the Spratt Education Center at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, to speak with enlisted Airmen about becoming special agents, July 30.
  • Critical eye of leadership

    Once upon a time there was a set of twins.
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill changes arrive

    The Department of Defense announced changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill, July 12.
  • Nursing in uniform made easy

    As the military continues to adapt to women in service, it is also making changes for mothers.Air Force mothers who choose to breastfeed their bundles of joy can wear Air Force Instruction approved undershirts in their Airman Battle Uniform or Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform.As of July 13, AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air
  • EOD: always fit to fight

    Surrounded by the sound of clinking metal and upbeat music, a group of Airmen work to exhaustion as the sun begins to rise.
  • One team, one fight: feature I

    When thinking about the F-16CM Fighting Falcon and its mission, many people only think about the pilot and their jet, but there are many more working pieces to the puzzle ensuring the mission is accomplished.
  • Pilots get SEREious

    As an F-16CM Fighting Falcon pilot, the possibility of ejection from the jet in case of an emergency could happen at any time, which is why pilots must keep up to date on their survival, evasion, rescue and escape training in order to stay mission ready at all times.
  • Benefits of service: military education

    Pursuing professional education is integral in every Airman’s career. Whether working to obtain a Community College of the Air Force Associates degree or another degree, Airmen can continue to enhance their professionalism in and out of uniform. Airmen attempting to acquire credits can receive them through the support of tuition assistance, college