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  • Metals tech Airmen weld mission success

    A work center lined with pieces of metal-mending machinery sits mere feet from the flightline at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.
  • Airmen impacted by hurricane receive AFIMSC support

    Linda Alcala listened to a news report about Hurricane Florence approaching the Carolina coast. She heard about a woman whose family didn’t have enough money to evacuate, and payday wasn’t for another week. “That hit my heart hard,” said Alcala, the AFIMSC Financial Operations chief. The woman’s story prompted Alcala to think about all of the Air Force civilians potentially impacted by the storm, and it drove her to action.
  • Robotics key to medical Airmen recruitment, retention, readiness

    With surgical robots becoming the standard of care across many specialties, the Air Force Medical Service is keeping up with the latest advancements to provide the best patient care and maintain Airman readiness.
  • Air Force begins transition of hospitals, clinics to the Defense Health Agency

    The Defense Health Agency officially assumed administrative and management responsibilities of a handful of hospitals and clinics as part of the Military Health System reforms mandated by Congress. The transition of the facilities is part of a phased implementation plan developed by DHA and Services medical departments that begins on Oct. 1, 2018.
  • Trusted Care everywhere is not going anywhere

    As the Defense Health Agency assumes authority, direction and control of military treatment facilities, the Air Force Medical Service will remain steadfast on its Trusted Care journey towards higher reliability and Zero Harm.
  • It needs to stop

    “I remember sitting in my room typing up a letter to everyone, apologizing for being such a failure and causing so many problems. I finished typing the note and had my pills lined up on the table.” Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among military members and yearly claims more lives than combat.
  • Why voting is important

    Voting is a right many Americans take for granted.It has only been 57 years that every American citizen, no matter their gender, race, color or whether or not they read or speak English, has had the right to vote. The only requirement is one has to be 18 years of age or older.Since the inception of the Electoral College in 1788, voting for the
  • Blue pants to blue skies, 20th AMXS keeps it flying

    20th Fighter Wing pilots push their F-16 Fighting Falcons to the limit. As a result, parts are going to need to be replaced. When the vertical stabilizer of a 79th Fighter Squadron jet needed to be replaced due to wear from flight, members of the 20th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron got to work and attached a replacement.
  • Shaw members memorialize POW/MIAs

    Team Shaw members honored the legacy of prisoners of war, those still missing in action and those who paid the ultimate price during POW/MIA Remembrance Week, Sept. 17 -21.
  • Recognizing 71 years of mission success

    In 1947, the Cold War was in full swing, leading to the U.S.’s need for a more efficient and manageable foreign policy-making establishment.