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COMACC directs new C2 capability

  • Published
  • By Richard Blumenstein, Kessel Run Public Affairs
  • Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Det 12

General Mark D. Kelly, commander of Air Combat Command (ACC) has directed Kessel Run’s C2IMERA be used across all ACC’s installations.

C2IMERA, which stands for Command and Control Incident Management Emergency Response Application, is being directed for use by all ACC installations, as a result of the application's successful implementation across more than 40 Air Force Installations. About a quarter of those installations already belong to ACC, with another twenty installations scheduled to onboard the capability before the end of the year.

C2IMERA is a wing command and control (C2) capability used to provide an integrated composite picture of installation resources. The capability is developed by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Detachment 12, also known as Kessel Run, which is a software development and acquisition’s unit. C2IMERA is used for reporting, planning, force generation, emergency management, and command and control monitoring and execution.

“What it does is broad,” said Capt. Maurice Morrell, the Program Manager for the C2IMERA Team with Kessel Run. “At a basic level C2IMERA provides C2 capabilities in two areas; awareness, and installation collaboration and reporting.”

Kessel Run began systematically delivering C2IMERA across the Air Force about 18 months ago, due to high demand for its capabilities.

“We’ve rapidly expanded over the last 18-months, from six installations to approximately 40 right now; with expectations of getting to 60 over the next few months,” Morrell said. “An exciting new capability is our recently released higher headquarters capability, this allows real time visibility of theater installation information and operations, a real game changer to normal manual processes.”

C2IMERA uses a common operating picture and dashboarding capabilities as communication tools. It consolidates and shares information for leaders, and boasts a plethora of features to provide C2 capabilities. These tools are customizable and optimized based on the individual needs of the installation. The capabilities focus on updating and communicating data in real time to give commanders a constant picture of their installations, environment, assets, and personnel.

“Our bases are air power projection platforms that require real-time installation and resource awareness, as well as command and control capability. C2IMERA gives commanders the operational sight picture to execute the mission,” said Kelly. “I am confident Kessel Run’s dedication to C2IMERA’s continued growth and system improvements will benefit the Air Force across the enterprise.”

That information is also viewable to whatever Air Force Major Command (MAJCOM) oversees the installation, thereby enabling it to view detailed aspects of each of its installations in real time.

“This is an incredible example of what Kessel Run can provide, and a sign that we are developing the right capabilities for our warfighters,” said Col. Brian Beachkofski, the commander of Kessel Run. “In less than two years C2IMERA has become the ACCs program of record for agile combat employment. We are providing software solutions that warfighters love, and modernizing the Air Force, today!”