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  • Shaw team saves dollars, protects environment

    Members of the Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants Cross-Functional Team developed a project to extend 20th Fighter Wing aboveground storage tanks, enhance processes, promote mission effectiveness, protect the environment and save Air Force money!

  • Shaw Air Force Base Exchange offers new dining option with Bun-D

    20th Fighter Wing Commander Col. Lawrence Sullivan, 20th Fighter Wing Command Chief Master Sgt. Steve Cenov, 20th Mission Support Group Commander Col. Jason Campbell and 20th Mission Support Group Chief Master Sgt. Scott Cooley joined Shaw Exchange General Manager Thomas Kuttamperoor in cutting the

  • Operation Christmas Child

    A shoe box can make a world of difference in the life of a needy child when it is filled with gifts. Millions of children in our world live and exist in conditions difficult for most of us to imagine. As victims of poverty, war, AIDS, famine and other catastrophes, many are orphans and many live on

  • Spiritual Discipline of the Month: Solitude

    The fear of being left alone petrifies most people. In hopes of avoiding loneliness, we are driven to uninterrupted noise and crowds of people hoping to avoid what many identify as “the condemnation of silence.”

  • 20th MDSS: Did You Know campaign

    Did you know the 20th Medical Support Squadron is made up of six flights which provide diverse services to the 20th Medical Group’s approximately 340 staff members and 31,000 beneficiaries?

  • Spiritual Practice of the Month: Perseverance

    As a spiritual practice, perseverance is more than just endurance.It is endurance combined with the absolute certainty that whatever we experience throughout the journey will make us better.Perseverance is seen in the simple, homely story of the chicken and the egg.The baby chick, approaching full

  • Spiritual Practice of the Month: Temperance

    One hundred years ago the word ‘temperance’ got a bad rap. Temperance societies, whose original intent was to promote human flourishing, became identified with only one part of their message: the prohibition of alcohol.Over time prohibition became the law of the land and, after a few years, was

  • Fluid Dynamics

    Have you ever watched a drop of water fall into a still body of water and watched the ripples spread out? I have. I then asked myself, “am I the single drop, or the ripples?” It is a fascinating question, and the answer is even more enthralling. As I pondered on the question, my first thought was

  • Spiritual Practice of the Month: Renewal

    Working harder does not always equate to getting more accomplished. In fact, many people run themselves into the ground with seemingly never-ending tasks wondering what they gained in the end. This results in increased blood pressure, increased headaches and decreased immune systems, all resulting