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  • Respect … Mission Success!

    As members of the Air Force, we all learn, know and live the core values every day while serving our great nation. “Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do” are perfect guideposts that steer our daily lives.That being said, I have a word I would like to expound on and express the importance of. This one word, which will
  • Don’t hurt me. Heal me. Be nice to me.

    “Don’t hurt me. Heal me. Be nice to me.” is one of the tenets of great healthcare from the patient’s perspective.It aligns with the principles of trusted care and high reliability organizations. HROs operate under very trying conditions all the time and still manage to have fewer than their fair share of accidents.I believe this aptly describes our
  • You are what you do today

    Have you ever set a goal for yourself that you were bound and determined to accomplish? Your intent may have been to eat healthier, become a bodybuilder or be a better supervisor or leader. But, several days or weeks into your plan, life got in the way and you have found yourself off course once again.
  • Commitment doesn't complain

    “Ethun, can you please unload the dishwasher?”“But Dad, that’s Gavyn’s job!”“I understand that, but I am asking you to do it.”“I already finished my chores and now I have to do his too?”The above is real dialogue between father and son, which occurred one evening in the Hebert household.Now, if you live in the Hebert household, you would know that
  • The John Challenge

    John changed my life. Who is John? He is the most courageous man I have ever met.To be honest, I really do not know him well. I only met him for ten minutes; nevertheless, those ten minutes had a profound impact.The day I met John, I was in pain and had not slept for days. I had severe stomach cramps and was in the hospital waiting room
  • Strengthening relationships key to success

    As a tenant unit commander at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, I’d like to begin by thanking the 20th Fighter Wing’s leadership for offering me the opportunity to “weigh-in” on a topic that I believe is important and to contribute to Team Shaw’s success.
  • Stay on target

    Years ago, I took a leadership class that covered multiple successful leaders in business. What set them apart was their problem solving skills and being able to get the job done. Most of the lesson was standard leadership and management philosophies that we have all heard or read about; however, the instructor piqued my interest when he started to discuss the leadership lessons in the movie, “Star Wars.”
  • Building winning teams through connectivity

    Coach Mike Smith, former Atlanta Falcons head coach, wrote a book titled “You Win in the Locker Room First.” It describes how to build a winning team in businesses, sports and life.In chapter five of his book, Smith says that “team beats talent when talent isn’t team.”Two of the best teams I have seen in my life were the 1980 U.S. hockey team and
  • Maintaining aircraft control

    “Maintain aircraft control, analyze the situation, take the proper actions,” is a mantra that is ingrained into young pilots’ minds while going through the initial phase of pilot training.
  • Rapid, Ready Weasels

    Gen. Mike Holmes, Air Combat Command commander, stated “every Airman’s job is to control and exploit the air. Whether you’re flying or fixing something, providing intelligence for it, making identification cards, or drawing blood in the hospital, everything you do every day is designed to help us control and exploit the air.”