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  • 'Day is done, gone the sun'

    As sun retreats beyond our view,The skies ablaze with red and blues.Though shadows cast upon our jets,Does not mean they are at rest.Freedom never stops or sleeps,Never flinches, never weeps.Always ready to heed the call,When our nation's need does fall.Though wolves may prowl at our door,A vain attempt to shake our core,Our Fighting Falcons make
  • I'm not alone

    Toughen up, develop a thick skin, don't let people see that you're hurting; I've heard these phrases my entire life, from parents, coaches, family members, friends, and supervisors. The result, I hurt; but I don't show it.I know that I'm not alone either, now I'm going to show my hurt.I am incredibly proud to wear this uniform. Taking my oath of
  • Gum chewing: a healthy habit

    Did you know that gum chewing can help prevent dental disease? A 2008 review in the Journal of the American Dental Association stated that chewing sugar free gum for 20 minutes after meals can help prevent tooth decay. When you chew gum it stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is the body's natural defense against tooth decay.
  • Sending holiday joy one shoe box at a time

    A shoe box can make a world of difference in the life of a needy child when it is filled with gifts. Millions of children in our world live in conditions difficult for most of us to imagine. As victims of poverty, war, AIDS, famine and other catastrophes, many are orphans and many live on city streets and city dumps.The 20th Fighter Wing Chapel
  • 10 things you should know about mold

    Mold is a common problem in South Carolina and Shaw Air Force Base is no different.The warm moist air outside condenses when in contact with cool, dry, air-conditioned air inside your home or work place. This moisture provides a perfect environment for mold growth. During hot, summer weather, you will see more moldy areas than usual. Other than
  • AFOSI helps those traveling abroad via AF Portal

    As foreign travel increases within the DOD community, the risk of foreign intelligence targeting also increases. You can be the target of a foreign intelligence or security service at any time and any place; however, the possibility of becoming the target of foreign intelligence activities is greater when you travel overseas. The foreign
  • Halloween safety

    The 20th Fighter Wing Safety Office prepares for yet another holiday this month, Halloween. The goal is to keep children safe, as well as adults, as they dress up as their favorite characters to go door to door trick-or-treating, or to parties. If you plan on going out with friends to a party, the safety office has a bit of advice for you. It is
  • The 2013 flu season is here

    Influenza, or the flu, afflicts roughly 60 million Americans annually, particularly during the winter. Seasonal viruses come in two basic varieties: Type A, which causes the most extensive and severe outbreaks, and the usually milder type B. Each year, some of these flu viruses can mutate, which is why a different flu vaccine is prepared every
  • October is energy month

    October is Energy Action Month for our nation and Air Force, providing an opportunity to promote energy and water conservation awareness as part of a national campaign led by the Department of Energy. Fostering an energy aware culture among all our Airmen is a crucial part of the Air Force's energy campaign. This year's campaign theme, 'I am Air
  • Street Smart: A new way of looking at an old problem

    I'll be honest. When I learned that I had to attend a mass briefing on the morning of our most recent Comprehensive Airmen Fitness day, I was not excited. Cram way too many Airmen into the base theater and give us the same PowerPoint safety brief that my father received twenty years ago in the Marine Corps? No, thank you.However, I was