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  • Leaders should walk and talk instead of click and send

    Recently, I received and reviewed, with great concern, the alarmingly high Air Force suicide rates for fiscal 2012. As of March 27 we have had 30 suicides for the year compared to 23 at this same time last year.You may be thinking, "Chief, why are you telling me this?" I would respond that I believe one of the many things we as leaders and Airmen
  • F-16 External Fuel Tank Repair Section improves operation with AFSO21 event

    AFSO21 really does work! According to the Airmen of the 20th Maintenance Group External Fuel Tank repair section. Back in April 2011, five Airmen from the 20th MXG took four days to conduct a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) within their work area. This RIE was part of AFSO21's Continuous Process Improvement to increase efficiencies throughout the Air
  • The dos and don'ts of the political season

    With the excitement of the presidential primaries lurking around the corner, there are a few things Airmen must remember during this upcoming political season.When you joined the military or became a federal employee, you did so with the knowledge that this decision came with some sacrifice.Everyone is encouraged to register to vote, research
  • Installing software on a government computer: Do you know the rules?

    Every day, many Air Force personnel subject the service to potential fines and make the network vulnerable. How you might ask? When using new software, they check the "I accept" box, and click next to continue without a thought. Before clicking next, please verify with your unit software license manager that the software is both legal and
  • Two uniforms, one mission. Army ground liaison learns about Air Force 'front lines'

    The thunderous and dominating sounds of Army artillery fire would not be heard tonight. The king of battle for this exercise was obviously the U.S. Air Force, and it was my privilege to be there training as an aircraft parking ramp coordinator with the 818th Contingency Response Group, a part of the 621st Contingency Response Wing "Devil Raiders"
  • Holiday turkey fryer safety advice

    Turkey fryers are one of the main causes of fire during the holiday season.Be sure to stay safe during the holidays.* Hot oil may splash or spill at any point during the cooking process; when the fryer is jarred or tipped over, the turkey is placed in the fryer or removed, or the turkey is moved from the fryer to the table. Any contact between hot
  • Most fun wins

    This past Friday morning, I met out at the Carolina Skies golf course with several other Team Shaw members for the Viper Challenge golf tournament. Now by no means am I a great golfer, but I do enjoy playing. The challenge allowed people to get out of the office, mingle with those they don't work with and have great time getting their mind off the
  • Halloween:It's all about being seen

    The end of October brings with it tales of ghouls, princesses, goblins and action heroes lurking the dark hallows of our neighborhoods, dressed in all types of costumes in an effort to have their take of the many treats available. What is meant to be a festive and enjoyable evening sometimes ends up as a 'nightmare come true.' Halloween's most
  • Leadership must be earned daily -- with RESPECT

    Leadership is not given, ordained or a right. It doesn't come from position or rank. Leadership must be earned every day. Any Airman can be a leader as long as he/she is disciplined in his/her positive daily habits. Andrew Carnegie once said, "The older I get, the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do." The acronym
  • Tips for reintegration after deployment

    The following are tips for returning service members: 1. Plan on spending some time with the entire family doing family things, but be flexible if teens have other plans. 2. Show interest and pleasure in how your family members have grown and mastered new skills in your absence and let them know you are proud of them. Comment on positive changes.