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  • When zombies attack: Are you ready?

    Imagine you are sitting on your front porch, enjoying a tall glass of iced tea, when suddenly the neighbor's boy seems to have just appeared in your front yard. At first, you don't pay attention to him, figuring his baseball just landed on your property. Then you notice there is blood and puss oozing from his mouth. His skin is pale and parts even
  • Coping with emotional cycle of deployment

    Let's face it; deployments are stressful for everyone involved. We often discount the burden endured by family members being left behind, whether it be managing a busy household or maintaining some sense of normalcy for children. With every deployment there is an initial stage of emotion, disorganization while family members adjust to the everyday
  • No pencil eraser for social media mistakes

    In February 2010, Pentagon officials authorized using social networks on unclassified military computers. They believe the benefits of social media outweigh security concerns. However, operational security has always been a military constant and that has not diminished with the advent of social media. If anything, OPSEC has become more important
  • Left behind

    A 4-year old girl with shoulder-length, light-brown hair and big brown eyes sat on the edge of the countertop with her legs dangling over the side, swinging back and forth. A strong man three times her size with hardworking hands touched her gently, and looked at her with tears streaming down his weathered face. "Mommy is not coming back. Mommy is
  • The first step is the hardest

    It started with an assignment I wasn't too keen on taking. We all have them, where we have already been there, done that and wanted something else. I knew the assignment would be difficult since I recently retrained into a different career field. I hadn't expected or been told before arriving that I would be a 3-level NCO in a job I was just
  • Focus on marriages

    Love is patient.Love is kind.Love never fails.These three biblical statements are often challenging in a normal marriage, and even more in the demands of a military environment. As a marriage and family chaplain here, with the longer and more-frequent deployment cycles, I am seeing more and more marriages struggling to survive. So I strive to build
  • For the better: Victims advocate tells realities of sexual assault

    Editor's note: Due to the sensitivity of the subject, the names of the author and those mentioned in the story have not been used.I have heard many different stories. It usually takes me a few mistakes to remember which details belong with which crime, who was a friend with the victim and who the assailant was. It may take me a minute or two to
  • L. E .A .D .E. R.

    The acronym I created for this word represents aspects of my leadership philosophy. Each keyword is followed by my interpretation of its significance and the standard I wish to live by. Please read this paper as if it were a letter I wrote to myself. I intent on using this in the future as a constant reminder of the leader I want to be. When I feel
  • Fire prevention includes spring cleaning

    Baseball season has arrived, which means it is spring, and also time to do some spring cleaning. For many people, late March or early April serves as a painful reminder that it is time to work on spring cleaning. As many begin the laboring task of cleaning and clearing the debris that accumulated over the winter months, Shaw's fire prevention team
  • My life was changed forever

    My life was changed forever February 11, 2011. It was a Friday. I was glad to be getting off work, because I was going to be on leave for the next two weeks. Around 5 p.m., my friend, Chris, texted me and asked if I wanted to come over to his house. Since my wife was taking my daughter over to a friend's house, I decided to go. When I arrived, he