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  • Long tour, short tour? Airman & Family Readiness Center supports all of Team Shaw

    Have you served on a remote tour and recall being upset that no one phoned or e-mailed your spouse while you were away? Maybe your spouse felt disconnected because there was not an avenue to receive information about base happenings once you left? Did your spouse even know who his or her first sergeant was once you out-processed your unit? We all
  • How well do you reflect 'Air Force blue?'

    Each day, when you wake up and put on the uniform of our great Air Force, do you ever stop to think about the awesome responsibilities fundamental to the privilege of donning Air Force blue?Over time, coupled with societal changes, it seems to me that our Air Force Core Values are becoming increasingly more difficult for Airmen to follow and comply
  • Are you mature enough to be an Airman?

    Being an Airman is a tremendous responsibility. We are responsible for flying, maintaining and supporting the most awesome weapon systems the world has ever seen. It takes mature men and women to handle such serious responsibilities where failure has larger consequences than most can imagine. So, I ask one simple question. Are you mature enough to
  • Watch where you step: Software and government computers

    Every day, many service members expose the military to potential fines and make its network vulnerable. How? There are many ways. A few common mistakes include: Not reading the "Terms and Conditions" before agreeing to them; Not ensuring the software is legal, that is, authorized and documented; Making unauthorized copies of programs;
  • OPSEC, 'geo-tagging' and social networking

    As a newly trained alternate information assurance officer for my duty section, I suppose my brain is now extra-sensitive to this sort of information. So when I began to read the Army PowerPoint presentation attached to a recent email, I was blown away to learn how easy it is to pick potentially damaging (and outright dangerous) information from
  • PHAT for the New Year

    So, it's another new year. Time to plan how to make up for all the overindulgence during the holidays. It's quite possible that the average person will gain at least three pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's (you know who you are).Now that we recognize we may have eaten one too many fatty foods, tiptoed to too much sugar, and drank more than
  • Shaw prepares for 2011 tax filing season

    This year the tax center (located in the community center across from the bowling alley) will open Jan. 24 to 27 and will close for the unit compliance inspection. They will be open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..The start of the 2011 filing season begins in January for most taxpayers. However, changes in the law require the IRS to reprogram
  • Helpful tips to avoid credit card fraud

    We in the staff judge advocate corps can't over-stress how important it is to protect your identity, your credit cards and your finances as much as possible, especially considering the recent local outbreak of credit card fraud. Credit card fraud is related to identify theft. Typically, someone steals your credit card or personal information and
  • Halloween safety for children

    Anytime a child has an accident, it's tragic. The last thing you want to happen is for your child to be hurt on Halloween; it would forever live in the mind of your child and your family. There are many ways to keep children safe at Halloween. Common sense can do a lot to stop tragedies from occurring. Help your child pick out or make a costume
  • Breast cancer awareness: A story from the heart

    Penny and I met in our usual Monday morning roll call planning session. We'd contemplated on how to go about writing an article on breast cancer, what experts to ask for the latest statistics and professional input on the following: What is breast cancer; How do you determine if you even need an exam, and; Who do you contact to schedule an