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  • Shaw Tax Center

    Income tax season is right around the corner. While most cherish tax time about as much as a traffic jam, some at Shaw really enjoy the tax assistance program. The 20th Fighter Wing Legal Office, along with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) representatives, will provide free tax help to include electronic filing, for active duty members, their
  • Wateree puts families first

    After a 45-minute drive from Shaw, I pulled up to a picturesque waterfront lined with rustic log cabins. As the sun went down on Lake Wateree, I saw campfires appear one by one as families and friends gathered to enjoy the scenic retreat. When the cold weather starts to roll in, it's easy to forget about trips to the lake. But it was obvious to me
  • Medical documentation

    Do you see one of our network civilian providers? If so, you may be one of many active duty members affected by the recent issue of improper reporting procedures of medical documentation. Your job, as an active duty member, is to be aware of the proper processes and procedures in place to ensure your medical records are up to date. When an active
  • Santa's holiday blues

    The winter months resonate with the sights and sounds of the holiday season: crackling fires; Christmas trees with beautiful lights; and decorated houses. This is a time to truly enjoy family and friends. While Santa enjoys the holiday season, he sometimes sees it as a chore. You know the routine: put up the decorations; take down the decorations;
  • Got the blues?

    The bus comes to a halt but nobody moves or says a word. Hearts begin to speed up as a crowd appears outside the bus. "Everyone off the bus," you hear. From that point on your life changed. No longer could you sleep in or have a bad day. Most importantly, no longer was it about you. It became about the team - it was Basic Military Training and you
  • Operation Christmas Child

    A shoe box can make a world of difference in the life of a needy child when it is filled with gifts. Millions of children in our world live and exist in conditions difficult for most people to imagine. As victims of poverty, war, AIDS, famine and other catastrophes, many children are orphans and many live on city streets. We seldom, if ever, have
  • Work to make it right

    Throughout the Air Force, military and civilian personnel are often involved in numerous mishaps. While most of these mishaps are not life threatening, many are reportable to higher headquarters due to lost work time or costs involved. Historically speaking, males ages 18-26 are responsible for the majority of mishaps. Although this demographic is
  • What's new in lodging?

    If you've been in the Carolina Pines Inn lately, you will see a lot of changes in progress. In fact, the staff has been busy updating the reception area in an extensive self-help project. The lodging staff carpeted office areas, removed wall cover, painted walls, added crown molding, baseboards, flooring and a new business center. A beautiful
  • Importance of recycling

    Why should people recycle? What's the importance? As a kid, I remember the commercials about not running the water while brushing your teeth; and the one about turning off the light when you leave a room. Those commercials played on the minds of the American populace. These were easy things to do and the message was clear -- if we all pull together
  • Jet noise too loud?...Listen to this

    It's the stuff that'll make you shake, rattle and roll--your windows, your insides, and anything else you may have in and around your house. You can cheer for it, or you can complain about it, but one thing's for sure: Screaming, thunderous F-16 fighter jets will continue to keep America free. Jet noise is subjective. It means something different