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  • What is abuse of authority?

    In a previous fraud, waste, and abuse article, I discussed resource abuse. Now, I’d like to turn to abuse of authority. The following is extracted from the latest Air Force Judge Advocate General guidance to Air Force Inspectors General. I recommend that commanders, first sergeants, and supervisors use the JAG’s “test” to sanity check actions they
  • Look out for motorcycles

    You see the briefings and articles about motorcycle safety and you say, “This doesn’t apply to me. I don’t ride a motorcycle.” However, your actions while driving a car can be just as important in preventing a motorcycle accident as the rider’s actions. In 2004 there were 1,803 two-vehicle fatal crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle.
  • Gen. North sees similarities between today's military, revolutionary soldiers

    This week we will be celebrating America’s 230th year as an independent nation. As we remember the past and honor those Soldiers who fought for our freedom, I often wonder what the common soldier thought when he heard that Congress had declared independence. The thought that comes to my mind, and many historians, is those soldiers must have
  • Lessons learned from exercises

    Last week, the 77 Fighter Squadron and Aircraft Maintenance Unit completed a long set of exercises helping hone skills needed for combat and to prepare for Air Expeditionary Force 3 and 4 tasking. In roughly two months, we successfully deployed to Southwest Asia, Hill Air Force Base and Canada. We clearly demonstrated our ability to project combat
  • Obesity affects military -- Take action to prevent 'growing' problem

    It was just two months ago when I sat in my friend’s living room sharing pictures from her past. It was her high school year book, 1967, and something very striking caught my eye, “Wow, I exclaimed, all of you were skinny!” My friend laughed, and staring at the picture responded, “You are right, I had not thought or noticed it.” Not one adolescent
  • Building a combat mindset

    The Air Force’s role as we knew it a decade ago has drastically changed. The tragic events of Sept.11 pushed our nation to combat terrorism at home and abroad. At the same time, the U.S. military services have experienced downsizing. The Air Force has found itself tasked to greater extent with members being exposed closer to combat since the
  • Airman finds stength in dying boy

    I’ll be the first to admit, there are days when I awake and do not want to go to work. The reasons or excuses are many; I feel unappreciated, I work 12-14 hour work days, I’m tired, I don’t get paid enough, blah, blah, blah, but I get up and perform because it is my duty, people count on me and I love what I do. I enjoy the people I work with and
  • Integrity: more than just core value

    While doing a job, have you ever asked yourself, “Why not just skip these steps? They are not that important. Besides, it would help me finish more quickly.” We’ve all asked that question. There’s nothing wrong with the question. The problem lies in the answer. Because integrity is such a powerful word, retired Gen. Ronald Fogleman, former Air
  • Like parent, like child

    As a little league coach, I see all kinds of personalities from different players — from shy, calm, tense and natural leaders. A lot of these traits are learned from their parents. Unfortunately, they also learn poor sportsmanship from their parents. One of the boys on my team, whom we will call Billy, is good at blaming other players, coaches and
  • A pride that sustains

    Over the past several years, the men and women of the active-duty and reserve components of all branches of the military have been packing up and deploying to support operations throughout the world. They have been joined by civilian members of the Defense Department and other agencies as well as civilian contractors. They have left home, family