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  • Building a combat mindset

    The Air Force’s role as we knew it a decade ago has drastically changed. The tragic events of Sept.11 pushed our nation to combat terrorism at home and abroad. At the same time, the U.S. military services have experienced downsizing. The Air Force has found itself tasked to greater extent with members being exposed closer to combat since the
  • Airman finds stength in dying boy

    I’ll be the first to admit, there are days when I awake and do not want to go to work. The reasons or excuses are many; I feel unappreciated, I work 12-14 hour work days, I’m tired, I don’t get paid enough, blah, blah, blah, but I get up and perform because it is my duty, people count on me and I love what I do. I enjoy the people I work with and
  • Integrity: more than just core value

    While doing a job, have you ever asked yourself, “Why not just skip these steps? They are not that important. Besides, it would help me finish more quickly.” We’ve all asked that question. There’s nothing wrong with the question. The problem lies in the answer. Because integrity is such a powerful word, retired Gen. Ronald Fogleman, former Air
  • Like parent, like child

    As a little league coach, I see all kinds of personalities from different players — from shy, calm, tense and natural leaders. A lot of these traits are learned from their parents. Unfortunately, they also learn poor sportsmanship from their parents. One of the boys on my team, whom we will call Billy, is good at blaming other players, coaches and
  • A pride that sustains

    Over the past several years, the men and women of the active-duty and reserve components of all branches of the military have been packing up and deploying to support operations throughout the world. They have been joined by civilian members of the Defense Department and other agencies as well as civilian contractors. They have left home, family
  • Force shaping, one lieutenant's morale

    Balance the officer and enlisted corps. That is the current need of the Air Force. I've been told from day one, the “needs of the Air Force” come first.What happens when those needs mean the loss of my job -- and not just my job, but a career of integrity, service and excellence? I vowed to protect the Constitution. To continue what my father and
  • ‘Four years, I'm out’

    I am willing to bet every Airman has heard these words at least once in their career: “Four years, and I’m out.”Maybe it’s an off-hand remark at the end of a frustrating week or after a long, thoughtful gaze at the inviting green grass on the other side. Either way, most of us have considered it.Somewhere along the way a change occurs. Whether the
  • DUIs can wreck lives

    My blues are crisp. My low-quarters are highly shined. My hair is freshly cut and my face is closely shaven. I appear the consummate Airman.My palms are sweating. I have a meeting with my commander.I enter the room trying to be cool and confident, but uncontrollably, my face flushes. There are so many other scenarios where reporting to the
  • Christmas spirit is alive, well in Afghanistan

    When most people think of Christmas, they think of spending quality time with family and friends, sitting around a beautifully decorated tree, opening brightly-colored gifts and eating a feast of homemade goodies.Others say Christmas is all about giving. All of which I believe, but if you’d have asked me a week ago, I’d have said my Christmas was
  • Holiday safety reminders

    With two federal holidays and a no-fly week in between, all of us will have more free time to spend with our friends and families.In the Air Force, we certainly work hard and need to take advantage of this time to relax and have some fun. However, remember that when you have worked hard and want to play hard, you need to play smart as well! The two