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  • Equal opportunity readiness

    As EO professionals (which includes officer, enlisted and civilian personnel) we are charged with monitoring the base human relations climate. EO uses the two primary methods to measure the climate, via the Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey and the “Out and About” program.
  • Self-reflection: critical ingredient for leadership growth

    Recently, Lt. Col. Kevin “HOBS” Crofton, 55th Fighter Squadron commander, wrote a commentary on excellence not being an act. At the end of that commentary, he asked us to reflect on some questions. His words made me ponder if I placed enough time in my life to reflect on daily activities; did I use reflection to help guide my actions in the
  • What does something missed cost?

    Remember, when something is overlooked or missed there is always a cost involved. Consider how your actions can cost others, and organizations, as a whole, and by all means don’t forget to pick up the milk.
  • How much do I care

    Leadership expert, John Maxwell said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Gen. Collin Powell said it this way, “People don't give two cents about what we think we know or who we think we are if they perceive we don't care about them (perception is their reality.)”
  • Excellence: not an act

    “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit,” said Will Durant, in his book “The Story of Philosophy.”
  • Keeping your axe sharp

    A majority of people have more tasks than time or energy needed to accomplish them. To be effective in accomplishing tasks, we have to manage time better as this commodity will determine success and failure in both our personal and professional lives.
  • Put your name on it

    Many people hear the term accountability and immediately make it a synonym for punishment or discipline. We often hear the phrase “You will be held accountable for your actions,” and it does not normally follow a good decision made by someone. It has turned the word accountable into a negative term. Some dictionaries even define it that way. However, if we want to encourage autonomous decision making and empower our Airmen, then we must de-link the term accountability from punishment and promote accountability as a desired action. Personal accountability will ultimately lead the individual to ownership of the job or task and that is when incredible happens in our line of work.
  • 20th SFS Airman earns Chief’s Group scholarship

    Editor’s Note: Senior Airman Jefferey Sales, 20th Security Forces Squadron installation entry controller, earned a $250 scholarship from the Team Shaw Chief’s Group for the following essay in response to the prompt, “Each Airman is critical to the squadron, culture and the Air Force mission. More importantly, each one of us has a diverse story to tell. So tell us, what is your story?”
  • Trusted care anywhere

    The Air Force Medical Service lives by the mantra “trusted care anywhere,” but what does that mean?
  • Knowledge is not enough

    Most experienced leaders in the Air Force have gone to the same technical schools, review similar information day-to-day, draw personnel from the same pool of available people, and are limited by similar financial constraints. Wooden writes that it comes down to the ability of the leader to teach what it takes to become a winning organization and knowing how to teach what they want done.