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  • School funding and Impact Aid

    Have you ever stopped to consider how your local public school district gets funded?
  • Honoring history with special observances

    Our nation is diverse with nationalities, races, cultures, and personalities. These diversities have contributed to the building of one great nation: the United States of America. How can we continue to be the greatest nation with the greatest military in the world without our diversity? It is imperative that we celebrate and observe the events
  • Final Appreciation from Valor 1

    To the men and women of the 20th Fighter Wing, I first and foremost offer my sincerest congratulations on another highly successful Air Combat Command Capstone Unit Evaluation Inspection. The Higher Headquarters inspection team recently validated what I already knew; that you are a highly effective combat wing because of your hard work and
  • Our namesake Lt. Ervin Shaw

    Ervin Shaw was born Sept. 30, 1894 in Alcolu, South Carolina. Throughout his life, he was known as “Molly” to everyone in the area because he would often use the exclamation “hot tamale!” In June 1917, two months after the U.S. entered World War I, Shaw enlisted in the U.S. Army and headed to the United Kingdom. In September 1917, Shaw arrived in
  • User responsibilities regarding information systems use

    The growing reliance on automated information systems by the Air Force is evident today. This reliance requires the implementation of protocols guiding information systems use. To reference your responsibilities regarding the use of computers, utilize Air Force Mandate 33-152: User Responsibilities and Guidance for Information Systems. This article
  • A prestigious event, 75 years in the making

    Dear Airmen, soldiers and fellow patriots of Sumter,From the earliest of its origins, Sumter, South Carolina, (or ‘Sumterville’ as first incorporated in 1845) has been a city characterized by industry, patriotism and a strong sense of community. Its namesake, Brigadier General Thomas Sumter, fought with such ferocity in the Revolutionary War that
  • Armed Forces Voter’s Week is here!

    The 2016 Shaw Air Expo and open house, “Thunder Over the Midlands,” was only a few weeks ago and now everyone is preparing for Independence Day. The 20th Fighter Wing is busy as usual. Soon the summer will come to a close and the 20th FW is scheduled to hold the Air Force Ball. Before long, it will be November and the American people will elect a
  • Honoring military service, support

    For many, Memorial Day is viewed as the official beginning of summer. School is out, the pool is open and there is a long weekend to enjoy. Memorial Day is observed each year on the last Monday of May. On this day, military members and civilians alike honor those who gave their lives serving our nation and affirm their commitment to support those
  • Memories of air shows past

    The smell of burning JP-8 jet fuel wafting through my nostrils always reminds me of my childhood, and when I hear the roar of a jet engine I can’t help but think about all the times I attended air shows as a young boy. Those days were impressionable on me; they really assisted in discovering my sense of self.The Shaw Air Expo and open house
  • Should My Child Have Dental Insurance?

    SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, S.C. – As the month wraps up, I’d like to focus on one of the questions we receive quite often: “Should I sign up my child for dental insurance?” The answer is like many in life – it depends. First, the military offers two great dental insurance plans through TRICARE. For Active Duty families, the TRICARE Dental Program is