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  • Play, resiliency, NERF

    Walk through the doors to the 20th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office and you'll be greeted by displays of pride-in-work and creativity. A full candy dish welcomes customers, awards and family photos adorn desktops, and music is playing from several desks. Prominently displayed atop every Airman's station is a NERF gun.That's right, a NERF gun.
  • Keeping Airmen safe in the social media world

    Airmen today use the social media world to keep in touch with family, friends, prior co-workers and a multitude of others.Unfortunately, for all of the positive uses of social media, recent events have encouraged us to re-evaluate our digital world to ensure our personal and professional information is protected from online predators and minimize
  • Sign up to save a life

    There is a chance I may have to experience some pain so that a stranger might live; there is a chance I may literally have to give some of me to someone whose body has failed them.I am a potential bone marrow donor. And you should be too.I know that's a bold statement but this is why I make it.I joined the registry because of my aunt and
  • Light at the end of a dark tunnel

    Chapter 1: The AttemptI was 12-years-old. I tried talking to my friends. Only one of them came come close to understanding what I was going through. She gave me the idea that perhaps cutting myself would help me feel better.I tried it. I tried it four times. The first time I had no idea how to do it. I just grabbed a stashed-away knife and began to
  • JAG Corps announces law school programs

    Officers interested in transitioning to the judge advocate career field are able to apply to the Funded Legal Education Program or the Excess Leave Program through Feb. 10, 2015.FLEP applicants must be O-3 or below the day they begin law school and must have between two and six years of active duty service. ELP applicants must have between two and
  • Shaw is open for tours

    The general public doesn't get the chance to see the 'downrange' mission of the 20th Fighter Wing at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, and its importance to the safety of the United States.Fortunately, they have the opportunity to see the everyday operations in garrison. Daily operations play a crucial part of the Air Force's mission; it's daily
  • My promise

    He knows there is something bothering me and I won't tell him what it is so he can help. I see the disappointment and completely shut-down. I feel absolutely terrible that I cannot communicate with him for reasons I still am not sure. I trust him, I love him and I want him to help, but I can't find the words.When I'm one-on-one with Michael, I lock
  • 20th FW security forces electrifies training

    What does 50,000 volts feel like when it's shooting through your body?My recent augmentee class with the 20th Security Forces Squadron gave me a first-hand experience and I can tell you- it's like no pain you have felt before.I remember every single second of being tased. Even though my body was unable to move, my mind was running faster than ever
  • Back to school, back to the doctor

    The 20th Medical Group is now scheduling appointments for school and sports physicals through our appointment line, (803) 895-2273, or via MiCare. Our pediatric clinic is advising parents and guardians to schedule physicals now for those children who have not had a physical in the past year. Booking your appointment early ensures a greater
  • Understanding deployment health assessments

    In order to perform at your peak, it's important for service members to be physically and psychologically healthy. To maximize the health readiness of the U.S. military, the Department of Defense and Congress implemented a multi-step health assessment process for personnel deploying around the world. This five step process enables service members