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  • Maintaining aircraft control

    “Maintain aircraft control, analyze the situation, take the proper actions,” is a mantra that is ingrained into young pilots’ minds while going through the initial phase of pilot training.
  • Rapid, Ready Weasels

    Gen. Mike Holmes, Air Combat Command commander, stated “every Airman’s job is to control and exploit the air. Whether you’re flying or fixing something, providing intelligence for it, making identification cards, or drawing blood in the hospital, everything you do every day is designed to help us control and exploit the air.”
  • The front line supervisor: teacher, mentor, leader

    As I take time to pause on this Veterans Day to reflect on our nation’s heroes, thoughts of sacrifice, mission dedication and unwavering commitment constantly resonate through me. There are far too many warriors to name, numerous missions to highlight and so many thanks to give; however, there is one group of steely eyed warriors that I must thank