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  • AFREP saves millions in funding

    When an Air Force asset is deemed unusable, there is a select group of experts that step in to breathe new life into the component; these professionals use their wide range of skills and resources to tinker with objects that would otherwise be tossed away, giving other units a chance to save time and money.
  • Dad’s 101 preps men for fatherhood

    As soon-to-be parents approach their baby’s due date, their minds may be overwhelmed with changing questions and concerns.
  • 20th FSS offers additional family care options

    Child care can be a tough decision. It can be even tougher when child care intersects with duty. Many service members have unorthodox work schedules, juggling exercises, deployments and temporary duty locations with the needs of their family. For some, even a typical day can prove mission requirements to be unpredictable.
  • National Child Abuse Prevention Month: Shaw promotes healthy families

    April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and the 20th Medical Group Family Advocacy and Resiliency Programs are working with Team Shaw members to promote healthy families and relationships.
  • ATC Airmen orchestrate sound of freedom

    During a symphony, the conductor stands above his team and raises his baton, directing a multitude of individuals operating different equipment and creating something beautiful to the ear. Without worry for their fellow instrumentalists, the musicians train their eyes on the individual in front of them who leads them to success.
  • Former Vietnam POW mentors Team Shaw

    Retired Col. Lee Ellis, former Vietnam fighter pilot and prisoner of war, spoke to Team Shaw members in Hangar 1200, April 6.
  • Baby Basics prepares Team Shaw parents

    The 20th Medical Group Family Advocacy Program at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, offers soon-to-be parents the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of caring for their babies with Baby Basics classes scheduled for every other month.
  • Spratt Education Center professionals school military members

    Participating in passionate research projects, engaging with the newest field information available and eventually crossing a stage to accept a specialized diploma — for many around the world, including military members, college is an aspiration they hope someday to achieve.
  • Enhancing Human Capital course offers lifelong skills, education

    Throughout their lifetime, a person will have unique experiences that set them apart from others. Where they grow up, how they grow up and what life lessons they learn along the way all shape the person into an individual who has various strengths and weaknesses, as well as their own way of seeing the world.
  • 20th MDG physicians provide trusted care

    This year’s National Doctors’ Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the work of physicians, is March 30.